The Christmas tree: What Kind of You Have Got?

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: 

the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other. 

Burton Hillis

Merry Christmas to everyone! Fill up your life with passion, love, peace and happiness! Special words for special people, you see. What does Santa put in your stocking? Hope it were useful things that would bring joy to you. How are you doing today? And though Christmas is a time to share this glorious holiday with family and friends, we hope you’ve got the time between traditional Christmas delicious meals and excellent Christmas pastime to visit out site. Beautiful Russian ladies are just preparing to the winter holidays in the state of great excitement and agitation. Last minute shopping, corporate Christmas and New Year parties, choosing a perfect combination for Christmas outfit – it takes usually a lot of time! And, besides, there’s Christmas tree decoration.

During the whole holiday season, the Christmas tree plays the main role in your home. So it would be properly decorated. But have you ever thought about the real origin of Christmas tree?  In fact, the Christmas tree as one understands it today originated in Germany. But the Germans borrowed it in turn from the Romans, who got this custom from the Egyptians and the Babylonians. Actually, there are no accidents in life and the choice of a tree happens for a reason too. A long time ago, trees that remained green all year had a special meaning for people. Such trees were believed to keep away evil spirits in many countries. Christmas trees were long considered to see as pagan symbols and not accepted by most Christians. This custom became extremely popular after 1846, when Queen Victoria with Her family were sketched standing at royal Christmas tree.

There are different annual fashionable trends on Christmas tree decoration. Handcrafted ornaments from old sheets of music and ancient manuscripts, lace ribbons and vintage ornaments make your Christmas tree traditional and solemn. One and two-colored trends are still popular – “patriotic” trees in red, white and blue; royal trees in shades of gold and bright red; “crystal” trees in silver and navy blue, decorated with bubbles and ribbons only. Shabby chic trees become more and more fashionable, in pale pink and white colors, decorated with hand-made shabby ornaments. Blooming Christmas trees, decorated with traditional poinsettias, garden roses, pale magnolias and hydrangeas, never go out of date. But whatever Christmas tree you have got, all that really matters is love, peace and happiness under it.

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