Happy Boxing Day!

Hello and Happy Boxing Day to everyone! We hope Santa was kind to you this year, and you are ready for a long-distance shopping run in honor of Boxing Day. Yes, today is Boxing Day, and we don’t know exactly now why it is called so. Generally, many people have even no idea of the real historical meaning of this name. This day falls on December 26 and has nothing to do with the sport of boxing, in contrast to popular conviction. However, this holiday is a perfect chance to get rid of bad presents you opened under your Christmas tree, lol. Above all – don’t throw off the boxes!

Boxing Day is traditionally associated with the United Kingdom, but today this holiday is observed all around the world, especially it concerns the Commonwealth countries. Have you ever thought about its name? The most common theory concerns on the old tradition when servants were working all the Christmas Day. Landlords and landladies thought it their duty to give the servants “Christmas Boxes”, and so the servants got the free day after Christmas to spend it with their families. As time went by, another “Boxing” tradition appeared – servicing personnel as porters, postmen, doormen were received their gift boxes this day in acknowledgment of their work during the year. There is another theory concerning church boxes. Such boxes placed in churches in order to raise contributions opened the next day after Christmas. This custom is closely associated also with the feast of St. Stephen’s day.

But however that may be, there is no doubt that Boxing Day is one of the most favorite holidays in the year. This day is considered to be after Black Friday the greatest shopping day. They say that Boxing Day is known as a day when “one can splash his Christmas cash”. And, actually, it’s a day when almost everywhere there are crowds, traffic jams, and shopping-shopping-shopping! So, if you have not yet chosen the gift for your gorgeous Russian lady, it’s time to buy it – there are great sales. Finally, remember your favorite sports! Football fans wait for the favorite team matches, as this day is very important one in the sporting calendar. So get comfortable and enjoy several reasons together to joy!

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