5 Ways to Have Unforgettable New Year Celebration!

Hello, everybody! Do you have festive mood? Are you ready to celebrate this New Year? To make this holiday memorable and full of joy, fun and pleasure?

Step2Love can offer you a few ways to make your celebration amazing and unforgettable! Are you ready? Let’s go!

1. Organize a cartoon masquerade! What were your favorite cartoons in the childhood? “Tom and Jerry”,  “Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers”, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, “The Transformers”, “DuckTales”, “Lady and the Tramp”, “One Hundred and One Dalmatians”, “Peter Pan”? Find some elements of the costumes of these cartoon characters and offer to your guests to play these roles at your party!

2. Meet New Year in a bathroom! Make a special holiday to your special one – for example, to your beloved Slavic lady! Decorate your bathroom with the branches of fir-tree, hang the Christmas toys, wreaths and garlands, light up the candles and set the table for two with light meal and champagne. Warm water, hugs and kisses, relaxedness and romantic ambiance will leave you the sweetest memories of your wonderful New Year celebration!

3. Think about those who can’t go to the party. Take some meal and champagne, take a small Christmas-tree and visit the nearest hospital, police office or firefighters and organize a cheerful celebration for people who meets New Year at the workplace! You may also dress as Santa Claus and go with some presents to sick children or other patients of a hospital (just ask nurses in advance what meal is permitted to these patients). Share your holiday with these people and they will be really thankful!

4. Come back to the childhood – arrange pajama party! Place the sleeps to your guests on the floor, take there some meal and put on your pajamas. Shhh! Adults forbade you to make noise! Some daring guests use their flashlights or light up the candles, somebody pours alcoholic drinks, the others play games or tell scary stories. Let yourself to become a teenager and have fun with your friends!

5. Blindfold party. Cover the eyes to each other to disable the wearer’s sight at 11:30 pm and celebrate this New Year in your own flat. Try to remember the place of the things and continue to eat, drink, play games and dance in a darkness! Take into account that it would be better to take away some dangerous things like knives and cigarette lighters. Turn on cameras, you will have a lot of fun afterwards!

Use your imagination and make your New Year celebration nonstandard and exciting! Enjoy this wonderful evening, make it a night of miracles and have a happy New Year!

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