The Valley of Daffodils

Hello to all who is reading our blog! St. Valentine’s Day and the holiday of March, 8 (the traditional Ladies’ Day in Slavic countries) are around the corner. What could be better than natural beauty present? One of the most favorite and classical gifts to your gorgeous Russian bride is the bouquet of flowers. One prefers red roses, another adore pink tulips – each to her own. But daffodils are considered to be a real taste of coming spring soon. Nothing says this season like daffodils! These flowers are real sales hit, they are fresh and luxury. According to the floral experts, daffodils are believed to be flowers of a tender friendship, but these plants symbolize coming spring, so that is why ladies adore it.

One of the most picturesque places in Ukraine is Karpatskyi Region. There are imposing mountains overlooking iced lakes, rocky rivers, amazing landscapes and friendly locals. Khust, Western Ukraine, is well-known by its Valley of Daffodils, the only place, the very place of this nature on the globe. The view of blossoming daffodils, hundreds of thousands, can touch the heart of the most indifferent to nature person. This place called the Valley of Daffodils is annually visited by hundreds of tourists from different countries of the world. This territory covers an area of 257 hectares and is really unique natural reserves zone. The Valley of Daffodils is famous for lots of rare species of wild flowers, among them are some endangered species, but the most known is definitely Narcissus angustifolius (narrow-leaves daffodil).

The view of blooming daffodils is absolutely astonishing. The best time to visit the Valley is from the middle till the end of May. The white and half-golden carpet of flowers in bloom, almost a daffodils’ fairy tale stays in memory for ever. As you may know, the name of the very daffodil means “the sun always shines when I am with you”. So, what can be better than to gift your beloved with such a romantic gesture – the daffodil bouquet! She sure will appreciate this kind of compliment.