Lover’s Day

Hello to all! Have you surprised after reading the title? In essence, you are right – Lover’s Day is supposed to be on February, 14, and everybody knows that. But the point is that today is a special day for loved ones and sweethearts, not so much-advertised (and commercialized as well), but no less romantic. Are you fond of reading Shakespeare’s romantic stories? Lover’s Day is a pretty good reason to take them afresh – just remember “Twelfth Night” or “The Taming of the Shrew” (well, you can remember first of all world-famous “Romeo and Juliet”, it’s a masterpiece of romantic tragedy, but the first ones have more optimistic end, haven’t they?). Shakespeare should more be mentioned today – it’s considered to be an anniversary date of his birthday and death as well.

So, today, on April 23, we celebrate Lover’s Day. Actually, it goes back to the literary custom in Spain, associated with the name of another great writer Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, a world known Spanish novelist. But in fact this custom has been practiced since 1436, named “The Day of the Rose”. April, 23, was believed a kind of Valentine’s Day, when all the lovers exchanged the gifts and the tiny mementos. According to the local traditions, a man gave a lady one red rose as a sign of appreciation her beauty. Later, since 1714, Spaniards had been revered the memory of Cervantes, whose novel, Don Quixote, considered to be the first modern classical European novel. April, 23 is thought to be the death day of Miguel de Cervantes. Sweethearts continued to express their love or make their weddings on April, 23 – it has been considered as a good sign. But the tradition has been changed – ladies continued to receive red roses, but they gave men books instead of. A symbol of eternal beauty changed into a symbol of eternal wisdom.

Now Lover’s Day is celebrated worldwide. It’s a perfect chance to remember today the great Shakespeare’s plays, to express your feelings to that someone special who appreciate it. It’s a good opportunity to give an interesting book to commemorate the birth and death anniversaries of Cervantes or Shakespeare, or to give a red, red rose to your charming Russian lady – for no reason, without any reason, eventually. Because when you are loved and in love, Lover’s Day is just everyday!