Dating Traditions Around the World

Nowadays, dating is something quite trivial and typical thing. Everyone dates and doesn’t think much about this fact. Besides, relations may last a few days, what is quite thoughtlessly, and no one thinks that this is strange, and still calls this relationship. Still, there are lots of countries which preserve traditions. Some of them may seem strange for us while others are very romantic.

For example, if you start dating in Japan, this usually means that you have really serious intentions. And you are not just serious to get to bed but serious enough for future marriage. People also tend to start dating also quite late, somewhere in college or high school. Though, Japanese people like St. Valentine’s Day, but they managed to change it to their taste, as they always do with Western traditions. There are only girls who present only chocolate to boys they like. As for the boys, they also have a special day for this, it is called White Day, which is celebrated in a month after St. Valentines. If a boy wants to show a girl affections, he has to present her twice more chocolate than she has given him.

South Korea also tends for late dating when people are more aimed on marriage rather than on having fun. Yet, here men are real slaves for women while dating. They will do their best for their beloved person. The problem starts after marriage, as men stop doing “their best” and just expect a woman to be an ideal housewife.

If you don’t want to get stuck to any rules or traditions, you should live in the Netherlands. In this country everything is possible and everything is allowed. Whether you decide to kiss on the first date or move further – it will be fine. Besides, women can make proposals to men, and everyone thinks this to be normal too.

People who like freedom will be frightened by Iran. There you will not be allowed to have any dating, as your parents will decide everything instead of you, and it is just your luck whether you will like your future spouse or not.

Brazilians prefer not to waste time on long talks. Kissing is much better according to their traditions, so they find it OK to kiss on the first date. Besides, it is the man who has to get acquainted first. They also show their masculinity in all possible ways.

Italians are connoisseurs. They want to have everything in a single woman: a wife, a cooker, a top model and the best lover. In addition, they pay attention to outer beauty more than to anything else. On the other hand, men are too clinged to their mothers, so it is normal if a guy’s mom decides to go and see the girl he has chosen, even on the first date. And if she doesn’t like her, there may be no future for them.