Special Lady this Week


Ukraine, Uman
Age: 33 years old

1. What can make you smile, even when you are upset?)

Ohh my favorite songs, a cup of latte, delicious sweets, kittens, watching the kids while they are playing on the street, – we have so many things to be happy! Why should I be upset?????)

2. What is the biggest regret in your life?

I think it’s the choice of my profession! My parents wanted one education, I wanted the another one. And now I regret about this! I want my life to be associated with art, creativity, I would like to engage in design or decoration …

3. Who are the 5 notable people (real of fictional)you’d like to have dinner with and why?

1. First of all I want to have a dinner with Scarlet from ”Gone with the Wind”, although she is a fictional character, I admire her ability to cope with the difficulties.
2. With Panda – I love these animals, how funny they eat bamboo and it would be really great time together!))
3. With Steve Jobs – he will teach me, how to look for the new solutions.
4. Our former Ukrainian President Yanukovych, to ask why he has escaped)) just wondering)
5. And I want to have dinner with Cameron Diaz, I love this actress.

4. What is the funniest experience you have ever had in your life?

I have a lot of funny stories in my life, ones when I was a child I tried to escape from the huge turkey))) I was in a red shorts and I think this angry bird does’t like them! You know, till now I am really afraid of them)

5. If you could change the world where would you start?

I would start with changing the attitudes of people towards each other, I want people become kinder and wiser. I want our world will be calm and happy, with no weapon and no wars. Also I will create the legislation to protect animals and nature, not only endangered species, but the whole nature in general!

6. What do you pay attention to when you see the man for the first time?

I like to look into his eyes, his hands and his…rear part of the body lower back))))

7. How did your parents call you affectionately in the childhood?

I do not remember all my affectionate nicknames, but I love when my mother called me My little bird….)))

8. Have you ever fallen in love at first sight? How was it?

I have never fall in love from first sight… but I would like to have such feeling, I think it is so romantic passionate and unforgettable event…)

9. What is your attitude to sports? Do you lead an active lifestyle?

Yes yes and yes! I love sports, and I prefer the gym with the different kinds of exercises! It is so great to feel how my body works and when you get home tired but happy you understand why you do this! I think my body tell me ”thank you” for this :)

10. How do you imagine the most romantic and passionate day in your life?

I am very romantic lady! How I imagine my perfect date…It will be the quite evening and just both of us and our breathing, I think eyes can convey everything – love, passion, desire – and for me ideal romantic days is not expensive restaurant, but it is special feelings with special person.