Be Active in Your Search!

If you are looking for a serious Ukrainian lady and long-lasting relationship, the first that you should take into account – be active in your search! Use as many means as you can to attract ladies’ attention at Step2Love and eventually you’ll definitely find among them your beloved one that will become your bride!

Are you interested in one of these beauties? Send her a kiss! This is free and easy way to attract her attention and let her know that you are interested. Even you have nothing in common but you like this woman, let her know about your interest and maybe if you continue your communication, you’ll find out that you have a similar concept of life.

Make your acquaintance step by step. If you’d like to continue your communication with this lady, begin your acquaintance with little steps. Don’t try to tell EVERYTHING about you and your life in your first letter! Most likely it will be difficult to the lady to read such a long letter (especially if her English skills are not very good). Begin your correspondence with a few the most important questions for you. And if you’ll see this woman is right for you then continue.

Pay attention to your expectations. Find out, what both of you expect from your partner and from your relationship. Choose 10 the most likable traits of your partner and 10 the most negative ones and discuss them. It will save your time and will help you understand faster if you are looking for the same things.

Exchange your photos in letters. It is very important to realize your lady’s usual look, her everyday appearance and not to imagine a fairytale princess instead of a real woman. Watch her videos and invite her to Live Chat to admire her natural beauty, gestures and gracefulness.

Take the lead. If you pay your attention only to active ladies who did the first step, your chance to find your destiny and happiness goes down. What if your lady is also sitting in front of her monitor and can not decide if she should write you first? Take the lead and send her a message!

If your first attempt wasn’t successful, don’t give up! No matter how old are you, it is never late to find your real love and happiness with a beautiful woman!