Cohabitation before Marriage – Yes or No?

Old traditions claim that a couple can start living together only after marriage. Of course, this rule includes some another option which almost no one secures nowadays, but still the majority of people think that they should unite their houses only after official union of their hearts. But what if living together before this has really lots of positive sides?

If you both rent flats, living together when your relations are already strong enough are quite great idea. This will help you to save lots of money which can, by the way, be spent on the wedding. You will also get rid of lots of different stuff you don’t need and purchase something nice for your common home.

When you start living together, you get a chance to know each other in home life. Seeing each other in cafes or spending nights differ much from spending every day together from morning till night without weekends. It may turn out that you simply can’t get well together in such conditions, and it will be much simpler to separate when you are not married and with less stress.

Cohabitation makes you have responsibilities. Dating is usually just for fun, you may have it any time you like and avoid if you are not in a mood. When you live together you have constantly fulfill your duties as no one except for you can do this. You will have the possibility to look whether you can cope with this or not and to understand whether you are really ready for marriage.

For lots of couples moving together can turn into a real test. Yet, this test is not too bad as it shows that you can or can not live with each other. This again will save you from negative situations if you get married and move together only after this.

If it happens so that everything is OK, you will feel yourself happy and comfortable. Why should you limit yourself from receiving a pleasure due to cohabitation with the most beloved person in the world? There will be no need for you to wait for the marriage.

Finally, this step will make your relations even stronger as you will show each other that you are really serious in your intentions and you are ready to start mutual life with each other. And after mutual life comes real family with children and different other pleasant moments.