Having fun with beloved person

When you are in love with someone, you try to spend as much time together as possible. As a result, you finally find out that there are not too many activities left for trying, as you have already been everywhere around the city and have done all crazy stuff which has come to your heads. And you become to feel bored. Actually, such situation spoils your relationship, as if you can’t find any interesting activities now, what will happen when you get married and spend together, for example, 20 years? On the other hand, there are many things which you have probably not tried yet.

Visit some music concert. There probably some held in your city, even if there is some amateur group singing. If the concert is successful, you will receive a bunch of bright emotions and adrenaline. If not, so, you will have what to discuss and to mock at for a couple of days.

If you don’t want to listen to loud music, go to see some show. This may be something classic, even ballet, or you may watch something modern and even comedy show – just choose to your taste. This activity is much more interesting than sitting at home watching TV.

Spend some time in water. You may go to a pool or river, or ocean, or sea, or lake – whatever you have available and if you have the fitting warm weather. Water is always fun. You may splash there for hours fooling around and feeling yourself like real children. You may even visit a dolphinarium  if there is any available. Swimming with dolphins is really unforgettable.

Go visit your friends, but don’t make a noisy party. Just sit with each other, have a rest from routine life, discuss different topics and drink tea. You will notice that such time spending is also nice and relaxing.

If you are not too tired, you may walk around the city, to the places you have never visited.

Travel somewhere using any type of transport. You may go to the countryside by car for weekend and just to have a picnic together or you may use a train and ride to another city and enjoy new environment and lots of new impressions.

Finally, if you don’t want to go anywhere but want to have fun, adopt a pet. This is a really nice occupation for a couple. A pet makes you feel responsible but at the same time it presents you love just for who you are, and will love you both forever no matter what.