International Dance Day

or How to Pick Up a Girl in the Dance

Hello to everyone who reads us! Today the whole world celebrates a special date – International Dance Day. Also known as World Dance Day, it has been celebrated since 1982 to emphasize the art of dance, no matter would it Latin, jazz, ballet – classical or contemporary, street, ballroom or pole dancing.  Every year on April 29 millions of dancers celebrate their special day by dancing performances, open-air classes, parades, concerts, flash-mobs and a lot of various events. There you can enjoy the art of dance, this hidden poem of soul and language of perfect bodies – as Friedrich Nietzsche said, “We should consider every day lost on which we haven’t danced at least once”, and it is true!

Well, wait a minute… it’s time to ask yourself, can you dance? Yes, but – well, as a matter of fact, I mean girls highly appreciate those men who can dance. Look at the popular media shows like “So you think you can dance” or “Dancing with the Stars” – ladies adore these shows! Actually, a man needs to know such things as dancing – effective body movement is the highest priority. Would you want to be popular with the ladies? The dance is the best hope of success. When you are dancing with your partner, swaying and swirling around, you will have much to learn. While dancing, you will have to follow, to lead and to trust; to be sensitive and to be balanced. In fact, the dance would reveal things that you should know in advance.

But the dance is the best way to have fun and to socialize. Special national dances can help you getting closer to the national cultures (Would you know better the Spanish culture – learn Paso Doble and flamenco; are you interested in the Greek culture – try to dance Hasapico or Syrtaki), in other words, feel the cultures by dancing. Would you relax after hard working and pick up a charming girl? Try social dances like Merengue, Bachata or Salsa – millions of gorgeous ladies visit such lessons hoping to meet a good-looking, enthusiastic and athletic man.  Ukrainian ladies like to dance, and they adore dancing, so if you would like to be popular with them, you should better be an advanced dancer as well. Or at least pretend to be – because the best thing dancing could give to you is the confidence about the opposite sex. You should realize the point that as your dance improved, the more popular you would become.