All That Jazz… or How to Pick up a Lady at a Concert

Hello to everyone who is fond of jazz music! Today we celebrate International Jazz Day, and it’s a good way for jazz lovers to promote jazz culture around the world. Various flash mobs, concerts, musical events usually take place today, on the last day of April. Celebrated annually since 2011, International Jazz Day has relatively quickly become extremely popular among people of all ages. Huge jazz fans can enjoy today different jam sessions, open-air concerts of jazz classic masterpieces and its modern arrangements. It’s a good way to find there like-minded individuals, fellow-thinkers or meet your sweetheart ever! What could be better than have a great time listening some of your favorite jazz golden hits? So how will you celebrate International Jazz Day?

Well, how could you use a jazz concert to meet a charming lady? As a matter of fact, clubs are more convenient for this purpose than concerts, but there is nothing that we could not do if you want to. Concerts will be of great help for meeting, picking up or just talking to those ladies you want to meet. Actually, most Ukrainian ladies adore jazz music, so you have a pretty good variant to meet a well-educated and smart person there. Concerts can be a golden chance to meet with ladies who have shared interests and are interested in the same – so don’t lose this opportunity. And we are glad to share several ways to meet a gorgeous lady at a jazz concert.

First of all, turn around to find a nearby cool girl. If you haven’t ever had a lot of practice in chatting with ladies, don’t be shy. You are enjoying the same music, so you have at least one shared interest – push from there. Just remember – music is the best ice-breaker. Ask her several common questions like Well, and how do you like this jazz band? What is the composition she likes the best? Why? (Hint: Don’t ask “yes\no” question – a chosen lady could answer “yes\no” and walk off…fail…) Make a compliment to her good feel of music. There is another variant of picking her up: just ask her to take a photo with your phone or camera smiling nicely. Ask her advice on which band souvenirs you should buy – is a band T-shirt better than gift CD? In fact, ladies like to give advices. Keep smiling, be nice, look into her eyes – eye contact is awfully important. And of course good luck!