A Few Tips for Dating with a Slavic Lady

In general Slavic ladies create the impression of goddesses and probably are the most beautiful ladies in the world. Let’s say that if a real goddess ever lived at this Earth, probably she might be a Slav. These women are not only pretty but also kind and smart so can really lay claim to the title of a perfect creature.

But such a special lady needs a special treatment. So Step2Love offers you a few tips for your dating with a Slavic lady.

1. Always remember that her appearance is very important. In former Soviet Union countries women pay a lot of attention to their beauty and the surrounding people expects that from them. It means that your lady probably does not go out without makeup or attractive clothes. And she needs time to keep this beauty, that’s why she visits hairdressing saloons, SPA, fashionable boutiques and shoe shops at least once every month. Or maybe even more frequently. So be ready that she will also need some money for all of these services and shops. But your charmingly beauty is really worth of that!

2. By the way, speaking of money. As a rule, ladies from FSU do not expect too much from their career. Actually, career is less important for them than home, husband and family. The good news is that she’ll pay all her attention to you only and your family will always be at the first place for this lady. The bad ones is that you shouldn’t expect that she’ll earn a good salary. In FSU countries it’s considered that “the beautiful woman is intended for love, not for job”.


3. Be more attentive to your appearance. Slavic ladies hate dirty shoes, untidy clothes and unkempt hair of their man. They do not expect that you’ll be a fabulously handsome like celebrity but they would like to see your appearance more close to “well-groomed”. Even though you don’t look like a macho man, beside a Slavic woman you should always pay attention to your appearance.

4. Slavic woman needs someone she can trust and rely on. Be ready to lend your shoulder anytime if needed, without reference to the size of a problem. Yes, she may need somebody’s support even because of the broken fingernail. Especially if it happened in a foreign country and she doesn’t know what to do. Don’t be afraid, you shouldn’t look for a solution of this problem immediately. Just embrace her and help her to settle her nerves. In the tranquility she’ll quickly find a solution on herself.


5. Your family and children will be above anything else for your lady. She expects that you’ll participate equally in childrearing and housework (excepting if she doesn’t work at all). As a rule, this is not a problem for Europeans or Americans but the men from the Asian countries should pay more attention to these questions.

All abovementioned things are not the rules. But it works more often than not. So take them into account and good luck to you in your relationship with your beautiful Slavic lady from Step2love!