5 Phases of Coming Closer Together

Stability and harmony in your relationship with a Slavic lady do not appear suddenly. Psychologists distinguish 5 phases of coming closer together that helps two people build strong relationship. If you dropped out one of them, you need to go back and get through this phase to make your couple happy.

1. Appetence. The most of the men are attracted by ladies’ beauty, well-shaped form and engaging smile. Physical attractiveness of a woman is a base of the relationship for any man. In their turn, ladies prefer intelligence of men. They fall in love not with visual appeal of a man but with his intelligence, his reliability and spacious mind. That’s why it is always better to make your acquaintance with the lady at the distance: in such a way you let her to fall in love with your intelligence.

2. Uncertainty. This is a phase when a man does not know for sure if this woman is “the only one” he was always looked for. This is a normal thing if the man doubts. He should have some more time to make sure in his feelings to this lady.

3. Desire to be the only one. If you noticed that you suddenly became jealous on account of your lady, you passed on the next phase. Now you want to deepen your relationship with this lady and become closer.

4. Warm-heartedness. You became really close you feel deep affection to each other. You can call yourselves the closest people in the world and you know, seems, everything about your partner. This is a phase when people do not need to pretend someone else, they can just be themselves. This is also the best phase for making your relationship more close because now you know each other really well. But if at this point your lady still does not trust you, something is wrong.

5. Betrothal. Every couple can feel themselves like married now. At this phase you still can leave each other but this is a position “I love you but this is not enough to live with you to the end of my days”. If you still feel the lack of something, it can be the confirmation of the fact that this is a wrong person. But it also can be only the fact that your way to this phase was wrong and you missed something. And if you’ll revise your relationship now, you may find out that you really love this lady, in spite of all her flaws.

After passing all of these 5 phases two people come to understanding if they love each other. And this is also a way to reach mutual understanding, harmony and happiness in your couple.