Mark and Olga


I have been alone for almost 10 years. My wife died when I was 40, and I was in a grief for long-long years. Suddenly I understood that I left completely alone. Of course, I have friends, but my children grew up and left my home… They have their own life and families, they come to see me on holidays, but still I come back in the evenings into empty house. I fell into depression and spent some time in it, until one of my friends advices me Step2Love. At first I didn’t want to go there and waste my time, but after a couple of days I saw that it was great! There are so many beautiful ladies here, so much communication which I lacked! And what is most important – I found my beautiful and tender Olga, Olya, Olechka! We talked for approximately a year on the site! We could spend hours in chat! Finally I decided to come to Ukraine and to see her – and I fell in love for the second time! And this was mutual! I took her with me to the USA and we got married! Now I feel like my second life started, and I am at last happy again, and my home is no longer empty and cold. Thank you, Step2Love!