Special Lady this Week – Inna

Inna 25 years old Ukraine Kherson


Ukraine, Kherson

Age: 25 years old

Star sign: Sagittarius

Photo Album: 14 photo

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1. What would be the most romantic thing a man can do for his lady?
I think that the most romantic thing a man can do for his lady is to make proposition on the bank of the ocean. This thing will be the most memorazible romantic thing in her life.
2. Do you like guys who know how to cook?
Yes, I like guys who can cook. I think that men cook better then women.
3. What is the most useless purchase you’ve ever spent money on?
The most useless thing I purchased money on buying trend glasses.
4. How long do you have to be dating a man to introduce him to your family?
I dont need much time to introduce a man to my family. If I am ready to imagine him next to me for the whole life and I feel the same from him, I can do it even in 2 months.
5. Do you still watch cartoons? What’s your favorite?
Yes. I still watch cartoons! I do it with my daughter, that is “Masha and a bear”
6. What is the most unusual compliment you’ve ever got in your life?
The most unusual compliment I’ve heard in my life is “You have so sexy toes!”
7. What kind of profession you dreamed about when you was a child?
I dreamt to be a stuardess
8. What would you like to change about your appearance?
I dont want to change anything in my appereance, I like how I look.
9. Can you describe the perfect day for you?
The perfect day in my life is to wake up in the morning while someone kissing you and holding a cup of nice coffee. Then to have romantic day somewhere on the nature with my beloved and a daughter, holding hands, making photos, had just laghing.
10. How would  you affectionately call your beloved man?
How would I call my man affectionely? I think that tiger!