Showing Tender Affection in Public

Showing Tender Affection in Public

Affection may avalanche your emotions and when your beloved person is near, you may want to show your love to her no matter who and what is near you and is going on. However, sometimes people may react negatively on your showing of affection in public, so if you care about them (though people in love usually don’t but what if you are near a lonely person and feel that you may hurt his or her feelings?) there are lots of way to show your emotions secretly, so that no one will notice them but your beloved person.

If you are in some cafe where there are really too many people around, you may play under the table with your feet. No one will notice if your lady slowly slides up your foot with her slim shoes and touch you tenderly simply attracting your attention and saying silently that she is interested in you and wants you to know this.

Holding hands is another way to be tender with your partner. It is an obvious sign of your love, but it doesn’t annoy anyone, as it is silent and not attracting attention, so you may hold hand in any place you like and feel that you want this. If you want to show your emotions overwhelming you, just squeeze your love’s hand a little bit. She will know what that means and will surely reply you with a sweet smile.

When you are close to each other, there is one more nice way to show affection quietly. You may touch her hair, but be careful, as sometimes women have too complex hair-does and you may spoil them, but if you already know how much efforts she has put on her hair, you may stroke her gently. Everyone loves such touches.

There are some cases when you may be a little bit far from each other but still want to note that you are together. If you meet your sights, give a wink to your lady, and she will give you back. Even a smile can become a sign of affection, and it is appropriate in public.

In a restaurant or cafe you may play a little with food. Sharing pieces with each other is considered to be very sweet and romantic, and even people around are not against such signs of affection, so if your relations are on high level and you can eat food of each other from the same place – why shouldn’t you do this?

Finally, even a short quick kiss will be OK if you don’t do it for too long. Just don’t think too much about people around you and think more about the one whom you love the most.