Romance in Autumn

Romance in Autumn

Autumn is the most romantic time in the year you can find. It is still warm and lots of greenery around, but there are also new colors which are not typical for summer or spring, like yellow and red. All this makes you feel the desire to be more romantic and make some crazy deeds with your beloved Slavic lady, but sometimes you may not know where to start to fulfill all that you want.

If the weather is still fine (but it can also be slightly rainy, as rain also has its romance) – be free to go for a walk. A simple walk around the city or some park to look at the nature and its changing, to breathe in the smell of leaves turning yellow and enjoy time together. You may make lots of beautiful photos in the yellow carpet presented by nature, as ladies do love this, and you will have good memories about nice and happy days together.

Colder autumn weather doesn’t seem to fit for long walks and actually doesn’t call you to leave the house not to catch a cold or to be bitten by cold wind. The best way to spend time in romantic way in this case is to find a warm blanket and a nice romantic (or some other, to taste) movie. Curl together and feel the warmth of your lady’s body pressing towards yours enjoying your staying together in a cozy armchair when the weather outside is gloomy.

When all movies are watched through, there is more classical romantic way to spend time together in autumn, about which people tend to forget often. Don’t leave the armchair and blanket, but add a book. It is really great to read something together and to discuss it. You may ask your lady to read for you and to enjoy her lovely voice lying on her knees while she will stroke your hair with her tender hand. Isn’t this the most romantic thing you can do in autumn evening?

Are you tired of all those restaurants and caffees? You don’t want to stay in crowds of people but want to enjoy tasty meals with you beloved woman looking into the window at the world turning yellow? So, you may please your lady with an unexpected romantic dinner. You shouldn’t necessarily be able to cook, you can order meals somewhere and they will be delivered to your home, but the most important element is decorations. Look for nice napkins, find elegant wineglasses, and don’t forget to purchase wine for them. Light the candles, turn off the light – and autumn romantics is around you, and there are only two people enjoying it!

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