Benefits of Kissing Beloved Woman

Benefits of Kissing Beloved Woman

People kiss every day: children kiss their mothers, spouses kiss at the end of the working day, people in love kiss when they meet. Kissing in lips is actually not only the way to show the size of your love and all emotions overwhelming you but is also healthy for you for the set of effects it causes on your body.

There are lots of various chemicals being released into your brain when you kiss in lips. As a result you don’t just feel pleasure from touching your beloved woman but also rise your mood immediately and for a long period of time. This also helps to cope with stressful situations and worries happening in everyday life. Your body seems to calm down as well as your mind, so the harmony is achieved and you are both in better mood and physical condition when the kiss is over.

Another effect caused on your health with the help of romantic kiss is prevention of cavities and other dental troubles, as there is more saliva produced, and new useful bacteria are created, so your inner immunity improves.

Kisses make life longer. This is a really surprising news, but it is true, and agree that it sounds like a real and unusual pleasure to know that you win twice: kissing a beautiful Slavic woman in the morning and understanding that you will manage to do this much longer than anyone could expect.

Due to kisses you can keep your skin in good shape. This is one of not too many “exercises” available for the face skin. When you kiss the woman you love, many muscles become tensed, and right because of them your skin will receive the needed stretching and will stay good-looking and young.

It is not only sex which can burn some calories. Kissing can also cope with this task, though you will have to spend more time and the result will be not so impressive. However, sue to researches, you should kiss for at least a minute, and quite passionately, and this will help your body get rid of 6-9 calories. However, you will surely agree that such way of loosing weight is more pleasant that visiting a gym.

Kissing also create general positive effect on the body. It rises your immunity, so you will manage to resist different illnesses during cold time. Besides, your body reacts on your beloved woman when you touch her, and produces really lots of hormones which make your heart beat faster and better making your blood move. Remember that it often feels too hot when you kiss – this is the sign that your body is grateful for such romantic gesture. In addition, kissing may lessen some not too severe pain, for example, headache.

So, kissing with your significant other will not only raise your mood but also improve your health. Love each other sincerely and kiss as much as possible to show how much you love your beautiful and tender Slavic lady.

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