3 Questions about love and life. Survey among the men on Step2love

Hello dear Readers! We are happy to bring to your attention an article, that included thoughts and feelings of our valued Members on Step2love. It is always interesting to hear the opinion of different people so we put out questions about love, life, why it is so popular nowadays to find the soul-mate through internet, maybe people have some experience to share with us.We conducted a survey among the customers of our web-site, we got the answers on three simple questions and that’s what they think:

The first question is: 1. Why did you choose the way to find your second half through Internet and could you describe your dream lady (maybe her appearance, treats of character, etc)?

1. Heinrich, 46 y.o.

With internet dating at least you know all the ladies you finds on the site are single and are here for the same purpose like you to search for true love and a life partner.
In real life you will not stop a stranger on street, introduce yourself as single and ask if she is single. In other words you will never know the person that passes you have the same desire then you. In the dating site her profile photos and personal details are visible and helps you in your free time to select and choose to whom you wants to correspond. Its exciting to chat and write letters to a stranger on a site, which gives you comfort especially for the lady then facing the stranger in real for the first time. The letters you can read over and over and the more you exchange letters the more you find out about her character and personality. I imagine my dream lady as beautiful as to my taste, slender, elegant, feminine, caring, family orientated, affectionate, sincere, great communicator, good educational background, wise, good cook, honest, faithful and spiritual.

2. Miha, 31 y.o.

I choose to find a lady throw internet, because it’s much more easier to find my soul mate, than in a outside at some party, at parties you never know does she look for love or she look just for sex, because this ladies are here with serious intentions and they look here for true love. A man knows that here got only serious ladies. My perfect woman is blond hair, she must be sincere, honest, with good heart and soul, she always have to be direct to me, telling me just truth.



3. Andrew, 59 y.o.

I run my own business which is a very time and energy consuming thing to do, so it doesn’t leave much space to make new friends, especially eligible ones of the opposite sex. So the internet provides a great way to meet lots of new people, from places and cultures and life experiences refreshingly different from my own. And bearing in mind that internet dating sites require you to submit profiles with pictures and descriptions of our character, interests and preferences, it’s an excellent way to find women who are looking for someone like me, and whose own character traits and looks I am genuinely attracted to.
And to describe my dream lady, speaking as a typical guy and a kind of artist (I’m a graphic designer) I’m looking for a woman I am undoubtedly attracted to physically, but I don’t have an ideal ‘type’ in mind, and anyway visual beauty is only the first spark. For me, the ability to become ‘kindred spirits’ is even more important than looks. So I like women who are honest, down to earth, funny and not too proud. I also love women who have bit of poetry in their soul, and believe in God.. because I am like that. Patience (especially patience with me!) and generosity to others are really important too. Beyond that, someone who shares enough of my interests to be compatible, but having enough different strengths to be complementary…. And a woman who won’t put up with my nonsense and is willing to stand up to me! Which is about communication and respect…. It has to be equal.

4. Samuel, 43 y.o.

So it’s real love and that is virtual?
I chose this way of dating, because I have seen many foreign in my life and when they see me on the street, for my job, come from me and ignore my presence.
But in cyberspace, perhaps I have better physical appearance, because I’m not wearing my work.
Writing and audience, it may be something quiet, here, as to be more expressive, you have to invest a little more than what would in real life. Patience and live happily every day, take the time to choose wisely, women are like stars in the sky but hope one day to pull in the real or virtual world, the woman who as the polar star to guide mariners so she guided my life from now on.

We hope you enjoyed this article and carried out some interesting information. Soon we will publish the next one with the new, and even more interesting question. Follow our publications, share your feelings and experiences, have fun with Step2love.com!

5. Ioannis 45 y.o.

I choose to find my lady from internet, because i believe that feelings and emotions are in high priority for me that the outside appearance. When you are with a woman, many other can distract your right judge for her character! For the second part, my dream lady must have the same goals, same interests and same values in life with mine. Outside appearance of course mater, but i don’t want a model, but a bright smile and eyes that ‘talk’ to me!

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