Things Ladies May not Know about Men

Things Ladies May not Know about Men

Despite the fact that you can already communicate for a really long period of time with your lady, you will be surprised to know that there are things she may not know about you and about your ways of behavior. Ladies tend to accept what they see with their eyes, so some actions are perceived not quite correctly, and they may also react the wrong way you might want her. So, if you clear things up about the following aspects, you may start understanding you much better!

Persuade her that you love her any way she looks. Whether she has a beautiful hairdo and gorgeous makeup or has just left the bathroom or woke up – you will always love her in all appearances. Some ladies are afraid that they may be not attractive enough for their men, as in Slavic countries there are many beautiful women and the competition is high, so you may assure your loving Ukrainian woman that she is the most beautiful for you.


Sometimes women, for the same reason mentioned above, think that their body is more important then their mind and inner world. Agree, that beauty will leave sooner or later, and you will have to live only with her soul. That’s why she may be calm that you truly love her, as you are interested in her intelligence more then in her body.

The thing Slavic ladies do understand well is that men are living creatures and that behind their firm confidence a tender soul is hiding. You may notice that Ukrainian women are more attentive to their men and can accept any weaknesses they might have. This is a unique feature you will not find in other women.


It is hard for a woman to accept that a man can’t understand hints. Ladies are such creatures that from a single phrase they can build a long and complex set of conclusions which are not even connected to the initial issue. That’s why they are unwilling to tell straight what they want or feel. For example, she may tell that she adores flowers. What might you think? That everyone adores them. However, a lady meant that she will be glad to receive such a sign of affection from her beloved man. However, if you communicate for a long period of time, it is possible to teach a woman to speak straighter.

Even if there are some misunderstandings between you two, you can always solve them by simple calm discussion.

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