Is Reading a Good Way to Spend Time?

Is Reading a Good Way to Spend Time?

When have you been reading for the last time? Reading not a newspaper or some articles on the Internet but a real book with pages and lots of various words on them? It is time to start reading again!

It is proved that reading develops memory and the level of intelligence. Yet, nowadays, it is possible to find a movie or TV-series filmed on almost any popular book, so the majority of the audience prefer to spend two hours on watching a movie instead of making their imagination work and spend a few days on reading the full book.

Movies always lose lots of details. Besides, it may turn out that you have imagined the main character the other way he or she was described by author. So, why reading a book is much better than watching a movie?

First of all, books may be both entertaining and teaching. You can find out lots of interesting information from them and become more educated and smart. Besides, fiction books develop your imagination and improve the way you talk. Moreover, there is an immense amount of books which don’t have the TV-adaptation. Watching only movies, you lose the whole words of books!

Despite the fact that many people think that books demand too much time, this is not true. If you find a book which really interested you, you can cope with it within a day or two. On the other hand, you may make a pause in reading at any moment and continue when you have even 5 free minutes. Agree, you will not manage to do the same with the movie.

When you read lots of different books, it is more interesting for people to communicate with you. Usually, you have different topics to discuss, and besides people like talking to someone clever.

Reading a book can become a nice way to spend evening time with your beloved woman. You can sit together on a soft sofa and read loud one to another, and after this discuss what you have read and what you think about this. It is really romantic and will make you closer to each other.

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