Dating a Gemini woman

Dating a Gemini woman

Gemini are known to be active, really talkative, light-hearted and easy going people. Their spirit is represented by dual nature. That’s why Geminis character is complicated and sometimes even ambivalent. This article will give some tip how to date Gemini woman.

  • First of all, you need to be a good listener because Gemini really love to talk a lot. Keep your ears open even if the conversation last half an hour already – your attention will be appreciated!

  • Brace yourself and be ready to some crazy things. Gemini love to spend time actively and their day timetable includes dozens of “must be done”things. So be ready to a life full of events and activities!

  • Be sure about the things you are talking about as Geminis rely only on hard facts and can’t stand hearings and doubtful information. You can impress Geminis with some fresh information especially when it’s about new inventions or science achievements.

  • Be honest with Geminis and never lie to them as they choose carefully a person they can trust. Once you will dent it you never get it back.

  • Geminis adore to spend time together whatever it can be – making dinner, visiting Grandparents or looking for a nice shirt. 

  • Respect their independence and freedom as their sign is Air which means their nature is easy changeable and unrestricted.

  • Appreciate their devotion and love as they will give you all the heart !