Special Lady this Week – Olga

Special Lady this Week – Olga


Ukraine, Kremenchug

Age: 35 years old

Star sign: Libra

Photo Album: 12 photo

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1. What was your favorite subject at school and why?

My favorite subject at school was a physical culture, since I love sports. Because of these lessons, we did different acrobatic exercises, playing games and we were taught to jump over a goat. In the future, I need it.

2. What can be found in your handbag? Without what thing you will not leave the house?

In my purse, you can find a lot of things, but most important, without I can not leave my house these are probably – a comb, mirror, telephone (currently no connection at all). And a credit card)) LOL

3. What is the house of your dream? Or you prefer to live in apartment?

The house of my dreams is just a house which you want to come back always. Whether it will be a house or apartment, the most important thing – when your beloved waits for you always…

4. What kind of vacation you prefer?

I love to relax different ways. I adore spontaneous outdoor activities, but all depends on my mood. Nobody knows, I will now jump from a parachute or ride on roller skates in the park)) hihihi)))

5. What is the most incredible act you’re ready to make for the sake of love?

For the sake of love I would do anything. The most important thing is mutual love!

6. What is the most unusual present you have ever get?

It was probably the most unusual video birthday greeting for me on stage of ballet theater during the performance. It was unforgettable…

7. What is your attitude to sport and healthy life style?

Sports and healthy way of life – my everything. Since childhood, I go in for sports, and can not imagine my life without it!

8. Do you like perfumes? Do you have favorite?

My favorite perfume is Paco Rabbane – Lady Million

9. Do you have driving licence? And what is your dream car?

Yes, of course I have a driver’s license, I drive a car every day. The car of my dreams – Gelendvagen

10. Where would you like to spend your honey moon?

Honeymoon… I would like to spend on some island, such as the Maldives. Only you and me…mmmm