How to Choose the Woman According to Her Hair Color

How to Choose the Woman According to Her Hair Color

The four hair colors are the four different temperaments. Brunette, brown-haired women, blondes and redheads are constantly vying for a place under the sun. They can not give way to each other.

They rival for everything: love, attention, beauty and success.

What is the difference between the blonde, brunette, brown-haired and redheads women? Is it hair color? Yes, of course, but also is sexuality. It turns out that hair color has a significant impact on the sexual life of a person. Therefore, any man can easily determine what kind of sex prefers a woman according to her hair color. German sexologists have even made a memo for men to help them work out the right strategy with the bed-partner, depending on the blonde, brunette, brown, or red she is.

There are many myths about the brunettes, blondes and red-haired women. There is an opinion that in the West, men prefer blondes, but in Asia the men prefer the girls with dark hair. Is it truth? Lets talk about it.

Blondes are naive, superficial. It is foolish to think that blondes are stupid. They just sensibly assess the situation and approach it differently. They never turn off the brain.

The girls with blond hair are gentle and good-looking. From blondes, men are waiting for tenderness, caring, gentleness. In addition, the men feel that they have an instinct to protect the weak and they want to take care of such women.

But for children appearance and nice face often hides a strong personality. A strong trait men notice only after the wedding.

The blonde women love romance in bed and do not like the rough virility. According to the opinion of these women, sex should look like a scene from an erotic film. The entourage is important for them: a romantic setting, wine and candles. Such women prefer to control the process.

In the Middle Ages, the red-haired beauties were accused of witchcraft and burned at the fires. Red hair color associated with fire and purgatory.

Red hair color is a rarity. Red is the color of fire, it is fascinating, lures, and burn care. This color symbolizes the energy and vitality.

American psychologists explain the unbridled energy of redheads women that their bodies produce less of anti-stress hormones.

Contrary to popular opinion, redheads are the most conservative mistresses. They do not search innovation and prefer good old missionary position. They perceive the rude sex as a personal insult.

Brunettes are like mystery. They have always been in the spotlight because of their appearance. According to psychologists, women who have black hair can be melancholic – people who often experience, like to be alone. Inner experiences are often associated with self-doubt, which need an emotional shake-up.

When the brunette begin to look for a partner, they approach to this business with a stunning expression. The brunettes are very passionate and love, when a man behaves rudely, prefer fast sex and do not like long foreplay. They like to submit to man. At the same time brunettes do not need a lot of for achieving sexual pleasure.

Brown – haired women have many advantages: the resistance to stress, the balance, the self-control, the endurance. They are calmer than others in stressful situations, which helps them to keep a sober mind and cold storage. Therefore, brown-haired quickly find a way out of any situation! These qualities play an important role in their career. Since childhood they got used to catch attention not good looks, but using the mind and internal qualities. As a result, the brown-haired inoculate themselves irreplaceable qualities, that will help them to be good wifes and friends.

Brown-haired are good in the bed. Such women are always fun to try new things, and according to statistics, they like to experiment. Usually they give to the man in the bed exactly as much as he gives.