Special Lady this Week – Yuliya



Ukraine, Zaporozhye

Age: 21 years old

Star sign: Sagittarius

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1. Do you have any undiscovered or hidden talents? If so, what are they?

I guess all people have talents and we need to work a lot to find them out. What about me, my talent is to play the piano! You can even listen to me sometimes on local concerts in our city.

2. Are you the same person you were as a child, or much different?

When we are kids we are always more open and believe in miracles! But I can say the same about me even now. Like a child I still love winter and winter holidays and I always believe that during Christmas all your wishes can come true!

3. Do you like to read? Has any particular book influenced you or left a life-changing impact?

Yes, I love reading! I cannot live without a book. And though now we have all devices to read, but most of all I love old paper books which bring special feelings to you. I read a lot of interesting books but most impressive as for me was Master and Margarita by Bulgakov.

4. Everyone has a mission In life. what do you think your mission is?

I believe that for all women there is one most important mission – to bring love and happiness to their families. So, as far as I am a woman I believe that this is my mission too! And this is why I am here.

5. Are you good at cooking? What is your favorite cuisine?

Yes, cooking is a true pleasure for me! I love to try new recipes! And sometimes I even invent dishes by myself using the things which are in my fridge.

6. Are you a sociable person? Are you good at making new friends?

I am sociable, jolly and open and I like meeting new people and making new friends. This is not easy for me to talk to a strange. And I also love spending time with my closest people – family and friends.

7. How do you generally spend your weekends?

Usually I prefer to be active – I like outdoors, picnics, walks and things like this. But of course when it winter I like to stay home with hot tea and a book or a nice movie!

8. Do you have any weird habits?

This is quite difficult to say it at once, as for someone even usual habits can look strange. But as for me, I guess you will be surprised to know that I have a habit to sleep with my old teddy bear though I am not a small girl anymore.

9. How are you feeling right now?

Right now I am feel happy to be the girl of this week here! It brings me smile and hope that now you, my man whom I am looking for here, will finally pay attention towards me and we will start our journey towards happiness!

10. Could you describe a man of your dreams?

A man of my dreams is first of all simple man! I am not looking for a prince or king. I hope you, my man, has nice sense of humor, but most important for me is the fact that you, my man, are serious and want true relations.

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