Locations of Dreams

Locations of Dreams

Not everyone has magic stick, but each person has a dream. Specially for you we created a list of the most miraculous places in the world. In this points of global sphere anyone with the help of simple manipulations can ensure material well-being, happy future or eternal love… You should just take a fancy for it…

1.Egypt Luxor

Here the temple complex with the sacred scarab is preserved. You need to go counterclockwise around it and touch famous beetle. If you go around three times, you will be rich, if you go around seven times,your devout wish will come true, if nine times, then you will have a baby soon.

2.Germany Bremen and Keln

There is the monument to the famous Bremen Town Musicians in the city Bremen. If you hold a donkey for the bronze leg, all you wishes will come true. Just don’t forget to make a wish.

3.Finland Helsinki

If you sit on the fifth step of the Cathedral ladder, wait for luck. This works for everything: from date to high paying job. Apparently, Municipality saves greatly on the cleaning of this area :)

4.Japan Miyajima

Close translation of the name of this sacred place is “The island of the temple” and it is completely true, because Itsukushim ,one of the oldest Shinto shrines of Japan, is built there. Bright red gates of this hand out to sea and you can pass under them only during the ebb tide. But person who will be able to do that, will get happiness and wellness forever.

5.Czech Republic, Prague

Coming to the Czech Republic, devote at least one evening not only for tasting famous beer but also realizing of your own aspirations. For this, come to Charles Bridge and squeeze the hand to the bas-relief on the statue of St. John of Nepomuk. Where? You will understand because these places are sparkling on the sun. Now you can come back to the bar and drink for your dreams.

6.Greece Athens and Kastoria

The Greek capital can boast with Aristotelous Square which is decorated with statue of the great philosopher. If you hold the thumb of his left foot, you will become very clever. There is also the plane tree which grows in Kastoria, which is almost about one thousand years old. It is called “The tree of wishes”.This plant is very democratic, so you may say an unlimited number of requests.

7.France Paris

John Paul Area attracts tourists not only with old Notre Dame de Paris cathedral. Here is the starting point of all French roads. Stand on it and make a wish. Even if you don’t have the financial investment in the form of the coin which you usually need to throw behind your back.

8.Israel Jerusalem

The famous Wailing Wall is the great architectural monument, one of the major shrines of Judaism and the land of Jerusalem. It is the very holy place located in Jerusalem. Every day thousands of pilgrims and tourists from all around the world visit it. Each of them is committed to pray. In addition to the oral prayers, people leave a note with the request in the voids between the stones of the wall. It is believed that any desire left in the Wailing Wall, will be heard by God, and will be fulfilled.