What Fears Do Women Have?


Do you know what women are afraid of? Surely, everyone will have his or her own answers. But in this article you are offered reading about some of the most well-known women’s fears.

First of all, it is the fear to stay alone.

Since childhood, girls are dreaming about a prince. They draw a picture of lush wedding and plan how many children they will have. Typically, the marriage is planned to happen before 30 years old. In addition, when the girl reaches this age and she is still alone, she begins to think that she will stay alone. What does she begin to do to discard thoughts? As a rule, she flings herself into a job, a career and travels around the world. Woman begins to show others that she is not interested in marriage, family life and, in general, she is self-sufficient.

The second fear is to be abandoned.

Can you often hear stories about divorces? For example, a man left his family after 20 years of seemingly happy marriage. It is natural that after hearing all these stories, woman begins to fear of being left with nothing. Someone, trying to avoid getting into a similar situation, begins to live the life of a hermit, seeking to avoid any member of the opposite sex. And someone turns into a pathological proprietress, arranging scenes of jealousy. Both of these variants don’t help to find husband.

The next fear is fear of recurrence.

As a rule, facing male’s betrayal, women are disappointed in men, and sometimes in themselves. After such life experience, someone starts to believe that the same situation will be with everyone. Someone generally concludes that it was her fault. Your goal is to help your woman in breaking the emotional bond with the past. If you love her, show that you will not do like her ex, and prove it with your actions!

Also a lot of women are afraid of losing a man.

Some of them think that somewhere you will find better and more sexual couple for yourself. It depends only on you, how your lady feels near you. Help her to become the most desired for you in her mind and she will leave all these thoughts.

Further, many women are afraid of pregnancy. This phobia also has two contrasting effects: some of them are afraid of an unwanted pregnancy, the others – the impossibility of this state. But nature is very wise, everything happens when it is going to happen, not before and not later, everyone has his or her purpose, you only need to correctly “decode.”

Of course, all women fear to lose their beauty!

Every woman wants to stay young as long as possible, that’s why they begin to do some operations, because they fear of being unwanted and lose their shapes.

Probably it sounds quite funny, but many women are afraid of sex.

It is necessary to elaborate on a woman’s phobia, which is a fear of intimacy. It does not mean that women are afraid of love. Just sometimes undisclosed sexuality leads to the fact that a woman deprives herself of one of the most extravaganza pleasures. Unfortunately, sometimes the basis for that fear is the first bad experience in sex, violence or the problems of education. But oftener it is just fear of showing herself like a sexual, beautiful lady. It is true that near 80% of women are not confident in their sexuality. Therefore, men, say as often as you can that your woman is beautiful and sexual, it is so important for them!

And of course a lot of women fear to lose their careers. Increasingly, businesswomen are afraid of marriage, because they don’t want to break successful career without getting bogged down in everyday problems. Show your woman that marriage it is not a routine and help her around the house! Housework is very boring when she needs to do all business by herself! Marriage means children, family life and compromises.