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Adeliya  Ukraine, Sevastopol


Ukraine, Sevastopol

Age: 23 years old

Star sign: Leo

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1. Why have you decided to search for love online?

Telling the truth, it was my best friend who registered on a dating site first and who found a husband online… It may sound quite artificial…. and somebody will wonder how is it possible to find a husband online? But my friend did! And I hope for the same!

2. What is the first thing you notice when getting acquainted online?

At first I want to know character of a man and his reason for being on the site… A reason of his own loneliness… After reply on this question it is quite easy to understand with whom you are corresponding.

3. Do you think that man should be a leader in relations? If yes, what does it mean for you?

There is one expression which in Russian sounds like “Lady should be a neck and her man should be a head”. So I think that there are no leaders in relations… there are just beloved…who help and love each other!

4. How do you think what is the quickest way to man’s heart?

Well these banal things are already well known: to cook- I am a good cook, to love- I am very tender and caring and to support…i mean to believe that your man deserves the best and can do everything!!! That’s all the secrets :)

5. What family values do you treasure?

I think people need to be attentive to each other: to listen to each other, to hear what they say, to feel what they want. Understanding family can be very strong!

6. What makes you happy?

I live my life and I have close people. I like my job. I look beautiful.. In general I am positive person so my life is what making me happy!

7. What is your dream vacation?

I want to visit Dubai and Venice! So my dream vacation is to go with me partner somewhere there…. and enjoy the company of each other, explore new places and to fall in love with each other every day!

8. What is your idea of a romantic evening?

It’s very simple! I go somewhere and I don’t know who is waiting for me.. I come to a nice restaurant.. and there is sitting a teddy bear, with a nice note “Turn your head back”.. and when I do it… I see me beloved man! And it’s just beginning…:)

9. Which is the most dangerous thing you have ever done?

I am not risky in general so I even don’t know what to say! I hope get to know more about risk in future when I have my personal support in my husband :)

10. What are your goals for 2013?

My goals: I want to marry a nice man, to develop my working skills and go to the cources of photography and english language. I think it’s enough for the beginning of year :)