Joel and Varvara

I was really lonely in Canada. As I’m 54, I was no longer interesting for women. The majority of them already have families, and those who doesn’t prefer making career. So, i thought of looking for a couple in another country. As far as I managed to find out, Slavic countries are the most popular among people like me, so I chose Step2Love for the beginning, and my way was successful. Here are lots of women who showed interest to me. This was unusual for me, as our Nothern women are much less active in this question, and usually behave colder. Hard to understand what’s on their mind. But here I noticed my Varvara. Her name was so Slavic and beautiful, I wanted to figure out if her character is as beautiful as her appearance. And I liked what I read from her. She was interested in finding a mature man from another country, and I wanted a lady from Ukraine, so two lonely hearts finally met. I had to come to Ukraine to meet her. That was hard for me, as our coutries are really far from each other. However, I delt with this, and I loved our time we spent together in her city. So much real communiation and so many walks and mutual timespending – everything I was dreaming about. I’m going to come to her again, as I miss her now awfully, and want her to always be in my life and in my heart. Hope that she will agree! I wish everyone on this site become as happy as I am, finding their woman and true love.