The most Loyal Zodiac Signs. Part 1

The most Loyal Zodiac Signs. Part 1

Anyone who has been deceived by a loved one, knows firsthand how painful a betrayal is. The least you want is to go through this ordeal again. Astrologers have revealed a pattern: on the basis of personal characteristics of the character, some of the Zodiac signs are deceiving their second halves much more often than others. Moreover, each of them has their own reasons for it. We give you some “cosmic clues” to help finding the most suitable variant for yourself.

The possibility of betrayal of Aries is 50/50. On the one hand, they do not talk to the winds, and always keep the promises. On the other hand, they are easy to take a risk and adventure. If energetic Aries is going to cheat, it probably means that you don’t have enough emotions and dynamics in relationships. They are very active, and if the partner is not able to maintain their rhythm, it is easy to continue to move forward without beloved. In addition, Aries have solid ego that requires constant attention. Regularly demonstrate the physical affection to Aries and do everything possible to maintain the WOW-effect relationship.

It is one of the most faithful companions for life. If such a woman falls in love, she will be with you forever. They seriously believe in “undying love.” The only reason they can cheat – if they suddenly seriously suspect that their partner is unfaithful. It will be a kind of revenge, on which they would never have dared under other circumstances. Show to Taurus how much you care about them physically and emotionally, and you may not doubt in their loyalty.
The most Loyal Zodiac Signs. Part 1

Keep your eyes open, because these partners are very unstable and quite prudent. Representatives of this sign often require “intellectual stimulation.” You should be interesting to talk to. In most cases, their need in flirting they realize at dating sites, in social networks and through e-mail, but they rarely move from the virtual space into reality. Regularly spur the interest of Gemini sexually and mentally. Only in this way, you can be sure that they will not leave you.

This is another sign of the zodiac with a fairly low level of confidence. Causes of infidelity can be fault-finding and daydreaming. They do not know what they want in life, but require endless attention. Cancers are extremely insecure and sometimes a betrayal is a desperate way for them to increase their self-esteem. Moreover, they manage to blame their partners in it. Allow Cancer to feel themselves the most desired, and they won’t go anywhere.

The most Loyal Zodiac Signs. Part 1
At the first glance, they are imposing and arrogant. Someone thinks that Lions are willing to change men as gloves. In reality, it is not so. They are really “longing” to an attractive bright appearance of the opposite sex, but at the same time,they will be infinitely loyal to their “king.” They are so fundamental that it seems nothing can make them go for treason. This quality makes Lions who fell in love very reliable partners. With one caveat! Under no circumstances should you be better, richer, more successful, or more talented than them. Otherwise, they will run to assert themselves with another partners. Another weakness of the Lion is age. If they go to a betrayal, they choose only much more young passion.

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