Simple Truth of LIFE and Love for 98 percent of USA men

I can relate to heart felt responses of men in the USA when to experience Women from the former USSR. Here most men at any age never spend any time in these former USSR countries. And if so lucky to do so, they certainly do not at first understand the culture. The only reason I learned after many years was truly by chance or luck. I worked for the US Army in Europe during the so called “Cold War” from 1978 until 1989 when the Berlin wall came down. And later after many years of NATO related work returned to Ukraine on my own to learn more.
I would have came to Ukraine much sooner than 2012 but I was working with no time to travel for myself or restricted to such location travel because of my job and security requirements I could not violate without going to prison or losing my job as the minimum. From 1983 until 2003 I was a very loyal and married man. But I did learn to speak many languages resulting from my past work environment. During High school I learned Spanish which helped me as a soldier and also in my NATO assignments always. While single and station in Germany as a soldier in 1978 until 1981, I lived among Germans only in my time off. Also I had formal language training as provided by the military but no modern cultural language slag words ever taught in such schools. But to live among Germans in Nurnberg, this allowed me to be immersed in the Franken culture and of course to learn their language first. And the history of Nurnberg really pushed me in a direction which only later made me understand the Soviet cultures because Nurnberg was the German SS training center during the former years of Hitlers power. Training of the SS began there from 1936 until 1945 at the war’s end. Even the Church at this training center told me the people who followed or allied could not be God less communist as told by the USA government for years. Years until the end of the USSR. SO being in Germany in 1978, this resulted in my true interest which then was as the farmer who plants a seed. Seeds of interest that only to grow and continue my desire to learn much more about Europe, west and east. Especially the eastern parts of Europe because as many things in life we are told forbidden I was simply compelled to go and learn why for myself. I was divorced in 2003 and this allowed me to focus all my time on finishing my career and also to learn much more about eastern Europe. I was already a life long student of military and historical events since the beginning of time when man wrote history to paper or pottery. The records left by the people who took time to scribe them left much knowledge for any man today to only learn if to discover and read. Then of course to travel to those same places today in order to discover the real truth for him self. So, I went to Ukraine in 2012 and saw for myself. I saw a new and very different culture with cities all much older than any found in the USA at least by modern standards of the past 600 years. The USA has cities from native people but truly comfortable or what we today would call modern. But when I went to first Dnepropetrovsk and then Nikopol, I was changed forever. I studied Russian and Ukrainian but only a very little before my first visit of 10 days to Ukraine. Then flowing year to Ukraine for at least 15 days with 5 in Kiev and the remaining 10 in Vinnitsa, only to meet their a greedy woman journalist named Tanya, who only wanted money and not truly a husband to Love. But we live and learn and such is Life. In America are also woman of this nature only more I believe than to find in Ukraine. Since my first visit I return each and every year to learn more about the culture’s and Language’s spoken there and of course to seek out my beloved. My Life was changed forever when just to witness the abundance of Beautiful Christian women there and beyond but mores so in Ukraine. Because their culture which is admittedly poor in economic terms but rich in Christian, healthy and honest down to earth people who love God and life it’s self. And this is very similar to that found in Franken or Bavaria Germany and Austria of course. This past 2015 I spent from April until last 23 November in my new love of Country to find my beloved with little success towards the woman I will marry? But I did enjoy meeting many new Ukrainian friends in many business. Some past and former soldiers such as my self. Other only a simple Taxi driver and his family of brothers and parents. But most of all I enjoyed my adventure in learning the people of Ukraine because of much Travel I have been to and seen Ukraine from Vinnitsa to Kiev and Odessa to the Zaporozhe near the Black Sea many times. And the few times I was in a situation t speak with the Ukrainian women in a normal environment I find they are always very shy and reserved. But I always think If I can try to speak Russian and Ukrainian to them, then why do they not try to speak with me more? But I am sure this is the same all over the earth. People simply think they would do something and when the time comes to actually do it, they have not the confidence or they simply have not enough drive inside their very soul yet to take the steps needed when to be with a foreigner of the USA? Even when the foreigner is such as I? One who is more than willing to be a citizen of both Ukraine and the USA. Because I find my heart to belong to both. Soon this winter will be over in April of 2016 and I will return to Ukraine once again. If I can wait that long of course :) My heart yearns to be in Ukraine now? If only to continue my search for my beloved one. As you all know the holidays make every person wish to have and be love by their special person in life. I only continue my life and also my search to find my beloved one. Simply because our Lord Christ has promised no man to be truly alone on this earth without his beloved made especially for him. Just like Adam had Eve made from his rib. I search until I know I will find her there, there in Ukraine As for the other men of the USA, most will never go out side of America or even know what they miss in life. And sadly they will not truly care because as you and I booth know already, it is not possible to miss something you never had. Only the knowledge of Love and the power found in a life of seeking Love and this knowledge can drive a man to find his beloved no matter where she might be. I find my heart already to be in Ukraine so it must be that my woman is there also :) Sincerely, Dante McELYEA