Special Lady this Week – Irina

Special Lady this Week – Irina

Ukraine, Nikolaev
Age: 25 years old
Star sign: Scorpio
Photo Album: 10 photo
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1. What is your attitude to sports?
In my opinion, in healthy body is healthy spirit, that`s why I take care of my body. I go to gym three times per week.

2. Do you lead an active lifestyle?
For me life is movement, so I don`t like to stay at one place. I like to take part in different performances (I have been studding singing for 8 years); spend a lot of time with my friends; like camping and travelling. So, yes, I lead an active lifestyle.

3. How do you imagine the most romantic and passionate day in your life?
Maybe it sounds crazy, but I would like to spend it near the sea (unexpected travelling by bus). There we will be sitting on the beach and enjoying the sea-view, then have dinner in a cafe or restaurant.
Special Lady this Week – Irina
4. What are you doing at home when you stay alone?
To say honest, I live on my own, so I do what I want to do all over the day. Singing karaoke is what I like to do when I have free time.

5. Are you crazy enough to try Bungee Jumping?
We have our life just once, and I think that we should do many things when we young, and then remind them at ages. Yes, I suppose I`m crazy enough to try Bungee Jumping.

6. Do you have a phobia and how you fight with it?
All people have phobias, and I`m not exception. I`m afraid of spiders. When I see it I try to convince myself, that it`s just a small spider, and he afraids of me more than I.
Special Lady this Week – Irina
7. Tell about you most terrible date…
Once handsome man invited me to restaurant. We had a wonderful evening, he was so romantic and at that moment I thought that it was the most luxuary date in my life. But in the end I have seen the trace of ring on his finger. When I asked him about ring he said: “I`m married”. It was the most terrible experience in my life.

8. If you become a God for 1 day what will you do?
The first thing that I would like to do is find the most unhappy persons and help them with their problems. I would like to involve on decisions of government and give a big sum of money to hospitals, schools and universities.

9. If you have a chance to change something in yourself what will you choose?
I`m from that people who like to say truth all over the time. I think that there is one thing that I would like to change in myself is have ability to say white lie.
Special Lady this Week – Irina
10. What can make you blush?
There are not so many things that can make me blush. If you want to know in details, let`s speak in chat and I will open you my small secret.