Special Lady this Week – Evgeniya

Special Lady this Week – Evgeniya

Ukraine, Odessa
Age: 25 years old
Star sign: Capricorn
Photo Album: 10 photo
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1. What is the funniest experience you have ever had in your life?
My fun experience that I had ever in my life was when I decided to overcome the fear of heights :) I went to the water park where you had ride with high hills, on the water, it was really scary! But I overcame my fear))

2. If you could change the world where would you start?
If I could change the world, I would like to avoid war, the homeless, there was no betrayal.

3. What do you pay attention to when you see the man for the first time?
When I see a man for the first time I pay attention to his eyes) eyes can tell a lot about a person))
Special Lady this Week – Evgeniya
4. How did your parents call you affectionately in the childhood?
My parents called me in my childhood sweetheart .. because I was always smiling and fun)

5. Have you ever fallen in love at first sight? How was it?
I’ve never fallen in love at first sight) Love is the feeling of the time-tested.

6. What is your attitude to sports? Do you lead an active lifestyle?
My attitude to sport is positive) I do exercise 3 times per week :) I like to walk a lot. Just over the weekend I like to ride a bicycle))
Special Lady this Week – Evgeniya
7. How do you imagine the most romantic and passionate day in your life?
My romantic day, I imagine with my dear man somewhere on the roof of high-rise buildings at night around lights, nice view) We both are sitting arm in arm we eat fruits and drink wine)

8. What are you doing at home when you stay alone?
When I’m home alone I turn on the music doing some exercises for the body) Sometimes I learn new recipes cook) It can be watching movies))

9. Are you crazy enough to try Bungee Jumping?
I think bungee jumping is a very scary. In order to become stronger, we need to do things that we’re afraid) I think I’d like to try)
Special Lady this Week – Evgeniya
10. Do you have a phobia and how you fight with it?
I have a fear of heights that I am struggling… doing something extreme, sometimes trips in attractions)