Special Lady this Week – Anna

Special Lady this Week – Anna

Ukraine, Nikolaev
Age: 25 years old
Star sign: Aquarius
Photo Album: 6 photo
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1. What is your attitude to sports? Do you lead an active lifestyle?
Yes, I lead an active lifestyle. If you want to be healthy, strong and beautiful you should go in for sports. If you want to keep yourself fit, you should go in for sport regularly. I try to do some training almost every day. When I go in for sports I feel wonderful.

2. How do you imagine the most romantic and passionate day in your life?
Hmmm…I have many ideas. But I imagine other country, or even the island, the sea, the Sun, quiet beach surrounded by a beautiful landscape, the hotel, nice restaurant and my beloved beside me.

3. What are you doing at home when you stay alone?
When I stay alone I try using my time by watching some sitcom or try doing anything that I like – cooking, cleaning, reading or maybe catching up with someone over the phone if not in person. The list can be endless.
Special Lady this Week – Anna
4. Are you crazy enough to try Bungee Jumping?
Call me crazy, but I really want to try bungee jumping. Imagine… You take a deep breath and jump off the bridge, head first into thin air. As a reaction to such excitement and fear, the hormone adrenaline floods through your body. I can’t wait to try it.

5. Do you have a phobia and how you fight with it?
I have snakes phobia. Relaxation techniques help me to fight with it. These techniques include meditation, controlled breathing, counting and positive reaffirmations when faced with images of snakes.

6. Tell about your most terrible date…
Well, he brought me to his house before the date because I had to meet his cats. If the cats didn’t approve, it was a no-go. As soon as I saw his whole house was covered with pictures of cats, it was a no-go for me.
Special Lady this Week – Anna
7. If you become a God for 1 day what will you do?
Nothing big but… I do what God does for years, but on the personal level I would explore things which is beyond human power to cultivate knowledge and wisdom.

8. If you have a chance to change something in yourself what will you choose?
I have two main points:
1) I would have changed my attitude of comparing myself with others and feeling inferior and have more faith in me.
2) Cultivate an attitude of doing things with a pure mind rather than doing things for the sake of results.

9. What can make you blush?
Hmmm…Interesting question. But everyone deserves to hear a compliment that makes them blush. So, I’m not exception. When I hear unexpected compliments from men I can easy blush.
Special Lady this Week – Anna
10. Blind First Date – is this extreme for you?
Yes, it’s extreme for me. I think each blind date brings the element of surprise. Knocking at your door could be the man of your dreams . . . or a nightmare! lol