What to Do if You Can’t Fall Asleep

What to Do if You Can't Fall Asleep

Night is the wonderful time of the day. It opens possibilities for romantics and people in love, it calls to have a walk and enjoy the starry sky. Or it simply offers you to have a good rest and deep sleep so that we have enough powers to spend the whole day productively. But what if you for no reason can’t fall asleep? You turn from one side to another, hours pass by and morning is closer and closer, and you understand that the new day will be ruined because you didn’t have a rest at all! So, what to do if such situation happens?

Usually, if you are a healthy person and there are no physical reasons for having insomnia, you probably didn’t get tired enough before the night. So, you have a little time to make your body lose excessive energy and want to go to bed. For example, you may go for a walk. It will not require too much time, but you will feel tired and will fall asleep sooner.

Some people can’t fall asleep if they are hungry. Nowadays it is popular to claim that you shouldn’t eat after 6PM, but this is the false idea that actually may bring you to insomnia. You shouldn’t eat hearty and heavy meal, but something light, fresh and useful will do. If you feel hunger, just eat a salad, for example. If you not bring heaviness to your stomach but will calm it down and let you fall asleep.
What to Do if You Can't Fall Asleep
The same is with overeating. If you ate too much before sleeping,th is may also case you problems. Unfortunately, in this case there are no easy ways of solving the situation. You may take a pill for digestion and just wait till it starts working, and to never repeat this in future.

Sometimes we can’t fall asleep because we worry about something. For example, there is something very important going to happen the next day. Or we had a hard day before and it overwhelmed you with emotions. The easiest way to get to sleep in this case is to clear your head from thoughts. You may imagine yourself walking in the woods, for example, or sitting at the river bank. Just think about something calm and peaceful, and concentrate on this.

If you want to always fall asleep fast, create some basic procedure of going to bed for yourself. This should be an obligate set of actions which you will always do before this. And never change their turn. With the help of this, your body will get used and will know that if you did this and that, it is time to prepare for the sleep, and you will do this faster.
What to Do if You Can't Fall Asleep
Don’t sit at the computer before the bed. Its light make your brain think that it is the daytime, and, as a result, makes sleep go away.

Finally, the best way to fall asleep is to hug your beloved woman firmly. The warmth of the person you dare much will calm you down and will bring you sweet dreams.