How to please the girl’s parents?

How to please the girl's parents?

So, are you dating your girlfriend a certain time, and now she invites you to get acquainted with her parents. “Well, why? After all, everything is fine”- you probably think. Longterm relationships still lead to a situation, and if you ever afraid of it or postpone acquaintance with her parents until better times, it is possible to lose your girlfriend. Everyone has to go through it, but only with what result, it will depend on yourself. Certainly, some give in to panic, “How should we behave? What should I say? Or even silent all evening? “Do not worry so, his advice, I’ll try to help you not be dishonored if the parents of the girl.

The first impression of a man gives his clothes. After all, the clothes we choose ourselves according to our notions of beauty, fashion, how to dress in a particular case. It will be very bad if you wear a jacket, shoes and sweatpants. Somehow it will look strange. Parents of girlfriend hardly your outfit will like. Various additions to the suit – socks, tie speaks about your taste. The general rule in this case – to select all of the clothes so that nothing stands out, everything was in place and would not be amiss. Elegance – simplicity. In general, get dressed as if going to the prom.
How to please the girl's parents?
Well, you are fully prepared – dressed well and look more or less tidy. If you are going to visit, buy flowers girl mother, father – a bottle of whiskey, and her grandmother – false teeth or a new hearing aid. In general, for dinner it is something you must buy at least cake. When he came to visit, got acquainted with their parents, begin aggressive tactics. For instance, something went wrong and you fix it, even Dad could not girls. In this case, you will be the hero of the family. Sometimes it is distracted by talking on his cell phone, saying the following phrases: “Mum, of course, I’ll help you today. Well, what if I have a lot of lessons? Dad, well, you know what I just said, so I will do everything! ”

It happens: you’re terribly shy, afraid to even breathe loudly, bound movements, you can not figure out what to do with their hands and feet. If you are a professional pick up artist, then, I hope you already overcame this problem. And to those who still shy away, I advise you to be luxurious.
How to please the girl's parents?
You must try to maintain a conversation, even if do not know what it was about. If you are not in the subject, it is better a smooth transition to other subjects. With Mom of girl it is necessary to talk about the series. Before acquaintance with their parents at home need to see a couple of series of different soap operas going on TV to be aware of the Brazilian intrigue. After you discuss , the mother of your girlfriend will like you. It is necessary to tell her often that her daughter is very like her. Talk about the garden, how to care for vegetables, the best pickles. If she asks, how do you know all this, we can safely say that there is always help my mother, who loves to travel to the country. With the father it is necessary to talk about the current football speculate about politics and tell an anecdote about a new mother in law. If you tell dad of the girl about your love for her daughter, that you are serious, then beloved father would be very proud that his daughter had found such a good guy who is not afraid to be sincere. Necessarily it is necessary to mention that his daughter is very similar to him.

During the dinner, the table should prevail relaxed atmosphere lively. Imagine that you are in the circle of people eat dinner every night. During the conversation, try a funny joke to express some of his judgments, appropriate to recall facts or events, small observation or a sincere compliment. When the girl’s mother will start to remove the dishes from the table, offered her their services, even if never in my life did not wash the dishes. Most likely that you will be denied, but it is not important, the important thing is that parents have noted your intention.

Success depends on you. Of course, if you try, then you have more chances to achieve it. Do not pretend to be some its ideal, to behave as he behaved, copy someone else’s actions. The main thing – is to be yourself. If you will like the parents of the girl, they will, for sure, you will forgive minor flaws as you have forgiven them your favorite.