The Use of Milk

The Use of Milk

The benefits of no doubt no one ever dairy products. Milk called the source of life – but this is the case, because the first food we get and all the animals belonging to the class of mammals – a mother’s milk. It was from the milk we grow and gain strength. However, in this article we will focus on certain types of dairy products, our food industry available today. Stores and supermarkets in our time is literally filled with a variety of products produced from the milk, and on its basis: it’s different types of milk, milk beverages, cream, cheese, kefir, yogurt, cheese, curds, and more.

Demand for these products is not reduced, so manufacturers try to come up with new and new recipes to satisfy spoiled the modern buyer.

Dairy products are needed to man. At least so we are told nutritionists. After all, they contain we need proteins, fats, carbohydrates, amino acids, as well as many trace elements and vitamins. The fact that dairy products provide us with calcium and vitamin D, we learn in childhood.

First a word about the actual milk. Milk in our society tend to think of health source. Indeed, fresh and fresh milk has excellent antibacterial properties and has over a hundred medicinal components. To preserve these properties, fresh milk cooled, but still they do not hold more than a day.
The Use of Milk
Fresh milk can help neutralize radiation, toxins, salts of heavy metals. That is why his outstanding work on the “bad” productions. The diet used fresh milk because of all the substances in it contained in easily digestible form. Morning milk is digested more easily than the evening, as between milkings takes less time, and so in the morning milk produced less fat.

However, we, the residents of large cities, you can only dream of fresh milk. It is believed that pasteurized milk also retains the most nutrients, but is it really?

Fortified milk
As produced fortified milk? Whole normalized. This means that the natural milk start to supplement any substances added fats, or vice versa, degreasing, and then add more artificial vitamins – the so-called milk-vitamin concentrates, such as medical ascorbic acid.

Of course, harmful such milk can not be called, but also should not exaggerate its favor. So milk can perfectly satisfy your hunger, and, of course, it is much healthier chips or sandwiches with sausages, but the body’s need for good nutrition, such a product is not completely satisfying.
The Use of Milk
Therefore, you should use milk as a part of the power, but at the same time not forget that mix it with other products is not necessary – only with honey, sweet dried fruits, oriental spices (cinnamon, etc.) In the reduced milk, made from dry, mineral substances even less, so it is better to choose the store is normalized.

How to choose the milk, to get all the remaining nutrients in it, but not publicized a fake?

Unfortunately, falsification of milk today – not a rarity. It is diluted with water, added nonfat milk, soda, preservatives (to remove acidity). The corresponding labels on the packages are not always.

Milk should be bought only in stationary stores, which have good freezing equipment. Be sure to read the product manufacturing date and expiry date. Currently, the manufacturer is obliged to write on the label of the full information about the product: fat content, natural, than it was diluted, etc.

If the information on the label is not quite complete, it is necessary to consider whether to buy a milk at all: it is often carelessness is the cause of health problems. It should also be aware that the milk in the modern package, such as “Tetra Pak”, contains fewer nutrients than milk with a 3-4 day shelf life.

With regard to the constant use of milk by adults, it is possible to remember that it is not for everyone. Recall that after the end dairy season, cubs mammals stop drinking milk forever. And even more so, the milk of other animals animals do not drink.

However, if you are well tolerated milk, it can play an important role in your diet by supplementing the diet with essential vitamins and trace elements. Nevertheless, we are talking about fresh milk, which is used as a separate dish, and not mixed with other foods.