What Men Hate in Women?

What Men Hate in Women?

That is wrong with men, women say, always and everywhere. Men prefer to keep quiet about the shortcomings of women, but sometimes useful to know their ladies. So, after studying the results of numerous surveys among men, psychologists distinguish nine major points of their annoying. So, men annoying when women

1. Complexes

Do not try to look better than you really are. We need to be myself. Women today are not prohibited anything, they can get out of life as much fun as men.

Anorexic models, actresses are depleted, bulimia, multi-million dollar cosmetics industry, day-to-day grind the woman that if one has cellulite, then it would be better to go and commit suicide … Guilt for each eaten a piece of something tasty, terrible complexes in the style of Bridget Jones (backs out of the bedroom back to what he would, God forbid, did not see your fat ass), fasting before fainting wont to consider themselves fat clumsy cow compared with Hollywood starlets and catwalk skeletons … Should we continue or all this is so painfully familiar?
What Men Hate in Women?
But nevertheless, there are women who are not only not ashamed to be (oh, horror!) All the signs of a female figure and have (for shame!) Forms in this world standard of beauty and sexuality averaged parameters. These women make a career on her appearance, walk around the runways are not worse than any of Kate Moss posing in a swimsuit and look quite pleased with themselves.

2. Criticize other women

It is understood that the woman – a rival to each other. But from issuing rival in an unfavorable light, you do not win anything, quite the contrary, because men do not care that the shoes do not fit in a purse or a woman is not a fashionable outfit and hairstyle.

Why are so few women able to make a sincere compliment to the representative of your gender? For men, it remains a mystery. “Grinding stones” to each other with or without – is not the best female line, according to representatives of the stronger sex.

3. Zealously affect

Often, the mere mention of a woman’s name in the presence of the beloved can lead to terrible consequences. Call it as you like, but many women suspect and doubt around, especially in the men’s loyalty. That is why the sight of any passing by girls – regardless of its appearance and shape – woman internally tense. This happens because a man often gives rise to suspicions of infidelity. By nature, can not escape.

Remember that sometimes jealousy becomes a real paranoia, painful and capable of destroying any, the strongest feeling. However, pretty zeal to “get”, and in small doses.
What Men Hate in Women?
4. All the time in need of support
Some women experience serious difficulties associated with the lack of a sense of stability and security. They want men to every minute of their support, hugging, kissing, talking, that they are special, unique and inimitable. When women use men as emotional props, demanding to be hugged, stroked, saying what they are special, it becomes annoying. These women belong to men as emotional crutches, waiting for the moral, psychological and emotional support. Men are tired of it quickly, though they had the stronger sex, but sometimes do not have enough he was worth. Men do not like absolutely diffident woman, it can be even worse than self-confident and independent.