Lady of The Day – Valentina from Kherson and her thoughts of marriage!

Lady of The Day - Valentina from Kherson and her thoughts of marriage!

Why today I want to tell about importance of marriage in life of people. As today there are a lot of lonely people. There is a wish to talk about how marriage is important and useful. First, the marriage ideal actually, it to live all life with one person and to devote itself to him. Today many people already several times were in marriage. It is very difficult to pick up to itself the ideal partner of life presently. But it is possible!

Contrary to everything that happens on the planet! It is necessary to find such person who suits you, of whom you will be sure. In traditions of our country people marry and do weddings at young age. Earlier these marriages were strong, but now very few people long live in the first young marriage. In my opinion, it is slightly longer better to look, but to find it that was ideal for you in everything. I know it perhaps! It is possible by means of love! Near you the person, living with whom, you, dividing difficulties and pleasures, will reach absolute unity So as a result of spouses will become your second half. We speak about the spouse: my best half. All really want it. In – the second, I ask to notice that to each person it is bad without soul mate.
Lady of The Day - Valentina from Kherson and her thoughts of marriage!
As if didn’t want to hide it and to tell, I am strong, but it indeed. Marriage provides an opportunity for the maximum spiritual growth. It is so important to keep mutual devotion together to overcome all adversities which can meet on the way! In the period of difficulties, overcoming them together, communication of two hearts gets stronger. Presently the divorce became very available and people at the first difficulties resort to it, running away in such way from difficulties. We cause with it damage to ourselves. Marriage is favorable for health both spiritual, and physical. Researches have shown that at the people who are married life expectancy increases. It is noticed that the people who are married are less subject to diseases, become more rare the victims of accidents and if are ill, then recover quicker. Advantages of life in a strong stable family are that.
Lady of The Day - Valentina from Kherson and her thoughts of marriage!
And in the third, I want to tell that by traditions in our country, it is accepted to be faithful to the second half and sincere, and it is very important for marriage! Therefore the belief in the best always remains in our hearts. We have forces and belief to look for around the world the native person!!! Let there will also be different traditions, but we are worthy to live in happiness! Forward on searches, I hope my dear, you have already found me!)))

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