Magic Moments with Adorable Ekaterina

Happiness only real when shared! And I want to share my little happiness with you! Are you already got into the Spirit of Christmas? If you’re not, I can help you to do it! Christmas is time of happiness, kindness, miracle and gifts. I have my own tradition, every year I do with my own hands one Christmas accessory for my relatives and close friends! This is the good way to show them my love and attention, this is the way I share happiness with them…Every year it is different things. For example, last year I have bought white cups (without any print on them) and create my own painting on these cups for each member of my family! I have painted something that I think characterize this person. Of course, it wasn’t masterpiece. But you can’t even image how happy they were! All of them still use these cups.
This year I create Christmas-tree decorations :) You can see them on picture, two deer and Santa. Christmas is a time to love, to forgive, to be kind..and all these things have meaning when shared! I am used to sharing my happiness with someone. And this year I want to share it with you :) If you want such a X-mas tree decoration or just looking for someone who can share love and happiness with you, write me! And I promise you will stay with great mood in soul, warmth and love in heart and x-mas decoration on tree!

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