Everybody likes party


Everybody likes party…….. I love it here in Keys because there are some opportunities for me to meet new people, having communication with native language carriers and of course get many varieties of delicious food.
I had visited many American’s party and I can note that mostly they were calling is potluck.

If you take a look to Wikipedia you’ll find the determination – A potluck is a gathering of people where each person or group of people may contribute a dish of food prepared by the person or the group of people, to be shared among the group.
But it is very cute thing to get a potluck at any party.

You are already invited and the day before you have to figure out what really do you want to cook and bring with you.

My husband and I both are very good cooks. But he likes oriental cuisine and seafood. So mostly he cooks either rice noodles with many ingredients like pork, chicken, shrimps, carrot, pepper, onion, snow peas, cabbage or just boiling some colossal shrimps, crab claws, oysters or stuffed lobsters and crab shells. Actually you can bring whatever you want but he and I like to get people amazed with our cookery.

And I can note only once I was misunderstood. There was my first potluck in place where we live. I decided to cook national Ukrainian dish called “golubtzy” or staffed cabbage leaves with minced mix of beef and pork, rice and vegetables. Some people familiar with it call it- cabbage roll. Mine was really delicious but nobody tried it. I couldn’t admit I’m a bad cook…

“Poor people”- I was thinking,- you never feel the real Ukrainian soul in food. But still felt embarrassed. Fortunately I had a “piano in the bushes” for that very party- it was my dessert Key Lime Pie. So second part of my opening on potluck party was stunning. Everybody has started to meet me closer, shake my hand and give me appreciation about its taste. I was really happy and felt ” tears of happy ” inside of my heart. Finally my self-esteem was satisfied.

Next day after we had finished eating our cabbage rolls and mentally I’ve done the “work over mistakes.”
My next party’s were really successful because much better to cook something international and understanding for many people. All next time my “nail of program” were different kind of sushi- with a salmon, tuna, crab meat and other ingredients. And every time I was on the top of the party.

What can I say about very conduction of the party? Party owners just place the tables and the food and drinks are on the special separate table. The beginning of party mostly determinate but some people come earlier some of them- later. They’ve been meeting each other- usual kisses and hugs with a friendly smile. Just take the plate and condiments, cutlery, glass of vine and start to share POTLUCK with many nice and friendly people.