What Food Can Tell about the Person?

What Food Can Tell about the Person?

It turns out that dinner in a restaurant is the best way to learn who your companion really is. Looking at the plate of your partner, you can learn a lot about the person.

Sweet tooth — emotional persons, prone to reflection. If favorite dessert is chocolate, your partner lacks the pleasure hormone serotonin. The taste of chocolate is also important: leaders prefer bitter, milky — not very sociable loners.

Can’t live without steak: with you is a realist with a powerful character. In time give her pieces of home baked ham, and the severity will not spread on you. And the financial well -Yes, these people go far, because the veal is pretty expensive.
What Food Can Tell about the Person?
Fast food
Prefers burgers, fries and other fast food: this food choose fast, energetic and easy-going people. They are always in motion. Probably to the person who can cook soup and porridge.

And also like yogurt and kefir? You are very lucky! And it’s not just that cooking is not necessary, a glass of yogurt for Breakfast — and everyone is happy. Just milk menu choose gentle and caring people. They can’t stand alone, dreaming of a big family, love kids, dogs and cats.

Spicy dishes in the restaurant ordering indicate that your partner is a noticeable and jealous, and also very adventurous.

Vegetables are chosen by energetic and hard-working people. Fruits — creative and sensitive.

If your partner likes fish (not fishing, it’s hard), you face a calm and reliable person, although not too sociable and talkative. Learned from the carp in white wine?
What Food Can Tell about the Person?
Ice cream
Offer to eat the ice cream — it’s also a good test. Just let her decide to treat herself!
Fruit sorbet — wants to get everything at once! For example, the second portion.
Prefers creme brulee — she’s gotta be gourmet and gourmand, and not just in food.
Traditional ice cream will attract a fan of family values, stability and permanence.
Important is the shape of ice cream: cone will choose a person who considers himself irresistible, a glass or discreet, and ice cream on a stick will tell that person somewhat nervous.
Bars with fillings — the choice of modern young people, keeping up with the times and even slightly ahead. Probably a photo of the bar have already collected a dozen reviews in social network.