Man and woman: conflict resolution

Man and woman: conflict resolution

Men and women often have conflicts in their relationships. But the level of stability and reliability of their relationship depends on the ability and skills to resolve conflicts. Conflict, like anger, is unavoidable, arising from human nature. It inevitably occurs whenever we come into close contact with other person. Lovers, family couples and their children, friends, work colleagues, members of governments – all are familiar with how the opposite views can alienate people and what kind of pain they can bring.

In recent years psychologists have conducted a huge work on creation of effective methods of conflict resolution. Most attention was paid to 2 areas: conflicts in the relations of men and women and conflicts in work relationships. Surprisingly, the results obtained in both areas of research are identical.

Behavioral scientists have formulated a number of provisions that can resolve almost any conflict.

So, the conflict between a man and a woman is easier to resolve if:
Man and woman: conflict resolution
a man and a woman try not to take the position “I won, you lose”. Win at least in one thing – can both sides and to lose is not necessarily;
partners have the same substantive information on the problem. Remember that each draws information from their sources, so check the facts!
the main goals of the partners are compatible (for example, “to relax during the holidays” and not “ to go everywhere”)
man and woman are honest and open to each other;
partners are responsible for their feelings;
a man and a woman want to openly discuss and solve the problem, and not to avoid it;

The conversation and negotiation are ways of resolving the conflict. When men and women jointly make efforts for resolution of the problem, it is very likely that they will come to mutually beneficial variant. It is very important that one of the partners was willing to make concessions for the other.
Man and woman: conflict resolution
The conflict, which reached the stage where one or both of partners feel a strong anger, can resolve only if feelings are expressed honestly and openly. Learn to express your feelings and be honest with Your partner. Sincerity is the key of successful relationships.

Love each other and be happy!