Conversation: How to Talk to a Woman

Conversation: How to Talk to a Woman

Psychologists say that couples who are talking in the same style, become closer much faster. Step2Love prepared for you simple linguistic techniques that will help you to have success.

1. Catch her wave

She says: “My favorite part of the holidays — to sit on the beach and watch the sunset”
Answer: “A perfect picture. It is possible to imagine, when you have a lot of work”

Why? In each person there is one of representational systems: visual, auditory or kinesthetic. If you hear from your lady words like “look”, “see” and similar — it seems that she is visual person. Remember all words of the same row (“picture”, “imagine” etc.) to show her that you are on the same wavelength. If she is auditory — you know what she heard, if kinestetik — will let you in on her tactile sensations.
Conversation: How to Talk to a Woman

Conversation: How to Talk to a Woman
2. Answer the question

She says: “Nice to meet you”
Answer: “Nice to meet you too. Can I buy you a drink?”

Why? She greets you formally — answer the same even if you usually communicate in a different manner. Linguists call this technique accommodation. No need to explain how important is first impression — it’s okay if you’re a little play along to get to know her better.

3. Read between the lines

She says: “I can’t remember what is the name of that amazing wine I have tasted in Italy…”
Answer: “Oh, and where exactly were you in Italy?”

Why?Men perceive the interlocutor’s speech literally, but women love to play riddles. Pay attention to the details. If she mentions something — be sure she’s not doing this just because. In fact, she wants to talk not about wine, but her travels, and even her presence in Italy! So support this desire.
Conversation: How to Talk to a Woman
4. Support interest

She says: “I love the new album of Arctic Monkeys”
Answer: “Yes, and what witty lyrics! What song do you like the most?”

Why? Okay, even if you don’t like the work of Arctic Monkeys, try to find in them some pros. Support her ideas, finish her sentences. However, there is no need to painfully maintain a conversation on a topic in which you don’t know anything. In this case, quickly turn the game to another field.

Step2Love hopes that these tips will be useful for you. We wish you good luck and be happy!