Places to see in Ukraine: Crimea

places to see in Ukraine.Crimea

People, who’ve never been in Ukraine, may know only couple of Ukrainian cities: Odessa, Kiev, Chernobyl. But Ukraine has a lot to propose for a demanding traveler: archaeological, rural, eco and ethno tourism, wine tours, yachting, cruising and historical tours.

We would like to introduce you Crimea – the amazing part of Ukraine, where the history meets modernity and every traveler finds his own special place.
I would compare Crimea with a treasure house because you can find here almost everything you need , including beautiful Ukrainian women who look like fairies in the light clothes in summer time.
So, here are the most famous places in Crimea

  • Grand Canyon of the Crimea is located in the Crimean Mountain. Compared to the Grand Canyon in the United States, this Canyon has the great nature and unique plants, heaps of boulders and rapids, and waterfalls up to 3-4 meters high. It also has the famous “Bath of Youth” with the amazingly clear and cold water (11C), where according to the legend, people get new energy and youth.
  • Mount Ai Petri – Ai-Petri’s name is translated from Greek as a “Sacred Rock”. The Mount   is located in the Yalta region and has a height of 1234 meters and it’s one of the links mountain plateaus that make up the main ridge of the Crimean Mountains. You can find here the magnificent views, rare plants, and also the ancient marker – bazaar, where you can try Tatar cuisine and the homemade wine.
  • The Demerdzhi Mountain, also known as the Ghost Valley, is like the genius sculpture, made by nature. The fantastic shapes and forms in stone fascinate every visitor. The rocks in shapes of animals, birds, mythical figures, pyramids and obelisks form the mysterious Ghost Valley.
  • The “Swallow’s Nest Castle” – standing on the rock of the dawn of Aurora, at a height of 38 m above sea level, it looks impressive. The castle have the another name “ Castle of love” because it was built by a retired general in the name of love in 1912! Nowadays it’s a fancy restaurant.
  • Nikitsky Botanical Garden was inaugurated in 1821, near the Nikita town, 6 km from Yalta. Designed in a landscape style, with terraces descending to the sea, this botanical garden is one of the most beautiful in Europe. The park is a great open-air museum and includes more than 18,000 species of plants.
  • The Novi Svet (The New World) is a famous seaside resort, located for 6 km from Sudak in a small valley between mountains. The place is famous by its amazing bays: the blue bay, the green bay and the emerald bay. The region is very special because of the beaches – it has the gold beach and the silver beach with the clean. While walking in Novi Svet, you will be captured by the wonderful landscape, the Golistin Path and the Falcom Mountain.
  • The Vorontsov Palace is an amazing architectural monument in Alupka, perfectly situated between mountains and the sea. The Palace was built as the residence of Prince Mikhail Vorontsov, who was an important figure in the XIX century. Besides the palace’s construction, it was managed a huge park with unique plants and amazing views.
  • Livadia Palace was built in the 18th century and located not far from Yalta. The palace was used as a summer residence of the royal family. In Soviet and post Soviet times it was a residence of delegations of foreign visitors. Livadia was visited by Churchill, Roosevelt, Clinton, Kwasniewski and other political figures of the past and present.
  • The Balaclava Bay is located in the South Coast, pretty close to Sevastopol. The peculiarity of the Balaklava Bay is its limited link with the open sea. Surrounded with mountains this bay looks mysterious and lovely.
  • Arbat spit is a unique natural reserve of more than a hundred kilometers long. It has the special composition of water (it is enriched with iodine and bromine). Water temperature here is very warm and may reach + 29°C.
  • Cufut Qale (Chufut Kale) – is one of the cave cities of Crimea, which is located near Bakhchisaray. Cufut Qale was built in V – VI centuries as a fortified settlement on the border of the Byzantine possessions.
  • Yalta is one the most famous resorts in Ukraine. Yalta is very popular because of unique climate, warm sea, great mountain view and … a lot of good looking single Ukrainian women, who like to spend their vacation in Yalta – the heart of Crimea.

Of course it’s impossible to say everything about Crimea in one article! It has so many parts that every visitor would like to see Crimea one more time and to open “his own part of paradise”. The best thing about Crimea is that it’s always magnetic and magical, especially for those, who are looking for romance, because there is no better place to fall in love than Crimea!