How to become the best for your Lady from the First Date

How to become the best for your Lady from the First Date

To be romantic, gallant, tender, but courageous is a good advise, and we fully support it. But when going on a date, you should not ignore other little tricks in the seduction.

What to wear?
Even if life you prefer stretched sweaters and worn sneakers in everyday, you will have to sacrifice your habits. Consider it as the marriage outfit — believe us, your sacrifice will pay off handsomely!

Jeans. Jeans should be stylish but at the same time elegant. Women like to look at man’s figure in jeans.

Shirt. Choose the one that fits tightly on the biceps, but not hugs the waist. The survey, conducted by the University of Texas at San Antonio, revealed that such format women find most sexy. If you go to buy a shirt, take dark blue: 85% of women voted for this color.

Leather jacket. In a similar survey conducted by Ohio University, the winner is a leather jacket. Just make sure it not emphasized the waist and not be lower than hips.
How to become the best for your Lady from the First Date
Desert boots. Desert boots look quite important, but, in contrast to brogues, don’t require a jacket and give you an informal look. What you need.

How to smell?
The perfume is good. But don’t rush to pour the entire bottle at once. The main participants of this evening will be other odors – pheromones.

Practice. Physical exercise increases testosterone levels — even after a ten-minute warm-up you will exude of pheromones. And believe us, her subconscious will notice this.

Purity. Of course, you have to be clean and smell sweet as a snowdrop in bloom! However, don’t overdo with this: many antiperspirants block the pores that are responsible for your natural smell.

Get some sleep. When you get tired, your body stops producing the hormones responsible for sexuality. A good night’s sleep will recharge your body and it will strike on the spot.

What to eat?
Pheromones are also in food. The aphorism “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is equally true both for men and women.

Lamb chops. Nothing beats with a juicy steak full of protein, in the sense of the development of “happiness hormone” — serotonin.

Spinach. Or, if you want Spinácia olerácea — maybe this makes you believe that it is a real plant for the production of sexual hormones?
How to become the best for your Lady from the First Date
Celery contains androstenol — pheromone that will automatically make you more attractive in her eyes.

Step2Love hopes that these tips will help you to have a success on your first Date. Good Luck!