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Perfect Relationship

How to create perfect relations? How to foresee eventual problems and try to avoid them? Psychologists say that irreproachable relations consist of a few important factors. So you may scrutinize these things and talk about it with your Ukrainian lady from Step2Love.

Love. Not only physical but also spiritual. If you feel a desire to tell her your secret thoughts, to discuss with her some intimate things, if she tells you her inmost desires, you feel this spiritual love. » Read more..

Keeping Distant Relations Safe

Distant relations are not as simple as they may seem despite the fact that they may seem to have really lots of advantages. Even though your Russian bride is surely waiting for you patiently until you come to visit her, there are lots of suspicions that may torture you without any reason. Such situations can lead to bad consequences which you surely wouldn’t like to happen. So, you should keep in mind how to avoid this and to keep yourself in hands.

Remember that not a situation has some background. This means that if you decide that something is wrong and bothers you, try to understand why you came to such a conclusion? » Read more..

The second Maslenitsa Day – Be Young Again

Hello to all! Today the Russian and Ukrainian people celebrate the second day of Maslenitsa. According to the old tradition, this day was called “zaigrysh” and considered to be a day of outdoor winter activities, a game day for young and old. The motto of Maslenitsa Tuesday is “Be Active This Day!” Say “yes” to long winter walks, sledding, skating or making a bizarre snowman. Delicious hot crepes are highly recommended to be eaten after all these activities! » Read more..

Have You Ever Made Such Mistakes?

Love is a great feeling, but only when you keep it just inside yourself. When you start sharing it with someone, it turnes that you have to do lots of things to keep it working and bringing joy not only to you but also to your partner, or this won’t be love anymore. But there are some moments which should always be kept in your mind, as they are the pillars of strong relations and avoiding them is the biggest mistake you can make.

You should define passion and true love. Usually, at the beginning of relationships people feel passion, and some of them take it for real long-lasting feelings which can become the base of their life. But as time passes, passion subsides and it turnes out that there is actually no real love. » Read more..

What Do Women Hide?

It is well-known that women are mysterious creatures. They have so many different and controversial features that not a man could ever understand the soul of a woman. That’s why you may probably find out something new about your Slavic lady almost every day. Russian women are very open and wear their hearts on sleeve. Nevertheless, everyone has some small secrets which they wouldn’t want to share with anyone, and usually men don’t know about their existence. » Read more..

Lonely Bride Monument of Nikolayev

Hello to everyone! St. Valentine’s Day passed, a lot of couples began their relationships at that romantic point, a lot of weddings occurred that date. Many Ukrainian brides have timed their wedding ceremonies on this day in order to make their wedding surely the most romantic day of the year. Nikolayev was no exception – on February, 14 there have been registered hundreds of marriages. This city may be called “The city of Brides” – here the most attractive and charming Ukrainian ladies live. Related to this is one of the most famous, scandalous ever monument – Nikolayev Lonely Bride Monument. » Read more..

Jealousy. Do You Know Its Signs?

Jealousy is one of the feelings which can destroy all relations on the root. Someone says that it the the best sign of strong feelings, but I would rather say that this can be just the sense of possessiveness. In any case, jealousy can be dangerous. And it is usually women who feel it more often, as there are much less men in the world, and each moment a lady can lose her close person due to really many reasons. Or just at least because men have wider variety and have the possibility to choose. There are some basic and typical signs that your lady feels jealousy. Knowing them may help to prevent a catastrophe or at least to calm down the storm in her soul. » Read more..

Perfume Gift for your Sweet Valentine

St. Valentine’s Day is coming up soon with its hugs and kisses. And how about choosing a perfect gift to treat your gorgeous Russian lady this day? Actually, I can see that you could hardly come up with something absolutely original for St. Valentine’s Day. This holiday always comes irritatingly unexpected – you have just come to your senses after the Christmas troubles, and here it comes. And you have no idea about the gift. So if you still don’t exactly know what to get your charming Russian lady as a gift? Make a great gift choice! Some fragrance is just right! » Read more..

Creating Successful Profile on Step2Love

Once you register on our site, you surely start to look for a woman who will become you best half. But stop! Before doing this, didn’t you forget to do something important? Right, you need to fill in your profile. And it is better to fill it correctly to let everyone know what kind of person you are, whom you are looking for and what you would like to have and achieve in future. For this, you should just follow several simple rules to make everything work perfectly and to speed up your search of love. » Read more..

Less Hidings in Communication

 Communication through Step2Love means, that you usually use letters or chat to say “Hello” to a Slavic lady you are fond of. The problem is that she will know about you only those facts which you will tell her. As you are surely going to have long-term relations with the chosen lady and will even meet her one day, she will not be pleased to find out something not too great about your life, or something that doesn’t reflect real state of matter. There are some things which you definitely shouldn’t hide from your Russian bride, or this may later turn into catastrophe. » Read more..