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Perfume Gift for your Sweet Valentine

St. Valentine’s Day is coming up soon with its hugs and kisses. And how about choosing a perfect gift to treat your gorgeous Russian lady this day? Actually, I can see that you could hardly come up with something absolutely original for St. Valentine’s Day. This holiday always comes irritatingly unexpected – you have just come to your senses after the Christmas troubles, and here it comes. And you have no idea about the gift. So if you still don’t exactly know what to get your charming Russian lady as a gift? Make a great gift choice! Some fragrance is just right! » Read more..

Creating Successful Profile on Step2Love

Once you register on our site, you surely start to look for a woman who will become you best half. But stop! Before doing this, didn’t you forget to do something important? Right, you need to fill in your profile. And it is better to fill it correctly to let everyone know what kind of person you are, whom you are looking for and what you would like to have and achieve in future. For this, you should just follow several simple rules to make everything work perfectly and to speed up your search of love. » Read more..

Less Hidings in Communication

 Communication through Step2Love means, that you usually use letters or chat to say “Hello” to a Slavic lady you are fond of. The problem is that she will know about you only those facts which you will tell her. As you are surely going to have long-term relations with the chosen lady and will even meet her one day, she will not be pleased to find out something not too great about your life, or something that doesn’t reflect real state of matter. There are some things which you definitely shouldn’t hide from your Russian bride, or this may later turn into catastrophe. » Read more..

Romantic Gestures Men Rarely Do

There are so many things that we forget to tell or to do in relationships. Sometimes this forgetfulness may lead to disastrous consequences. Women are still very tender creatures despite the fact that they try to seem confident and strong. They need men’s tenderness and attention. As there is the St. Valentine’s day approaching, we would like to offer you several extremely romantic things men rarely do for their ladies, but which will make your woman scream with happiness. » Read more..

Is she angry or not?

Everyone can start a quarrel with his or her beloved part. There are really lots of reasons for such situations from problems on work to simple irritation because of a cold weather. But women are such mysterious creatures that they can become abused even without your knowing that you have said or done something wrong. Of course, this doesn’t pass by insensibly for your relations. But you may try to learn to notice signs which a woman sends and shows when she is still angry at you for some flaw. » Read more..

Hiding Lies for Good

Sometimes we all have to tell lies. Usually this is for good, as in relationship no one wants to cheat their beloved half. The problem is that Slavic ladies feel lies greatly, and they can understand everything too clearly. If you are an open person but it happens so that you have to lie, you’ll need to know how to make your woman feel less nervous about your behavior.


» Read more..

Why Do These Beauties Look For an Older Man?

Most of Ukrainian ladies on Step2Love are so young and pretty! You may ask yourself, why do they look for an older man? Can’t they find their soul mate of the same age? Are they really ready to date with much older man? Are they ready to marry him? Are they ready to be with him all the lifetime, to support him, to share his joys and sorrows till the end of the life? » Read more..

Single woman, the kind I like to meet…

Hello everyone! Let’s speak about single Ukrainian ladies today. As you may definitely know, Ukrainian ladies are brilliant and amazing. They ALWAYS look fine, they watch themselves. They cook well; they are quite intelligent and well-read ladies. They have an opinion of their own; they can dress fashionably and sophisticated, they have a style to them. In other words, Ukrainian brides are nearly perfect. The question would therefore arise why they are single. So, do you know why? » Read more..

Things You’d Better not Discuss with Women

Communication is the basis of any relationship. It is hard to imagine what you will receive without talking and discussions. Most of all you want to find something new about life of a beautiful Slavic lady when you start your communication. Yet, there are some things which you surely shouldn’t discuss and try to know, as it will only make you feel uncomfortable. » Read more..

How to Choose the Best Partner for Long-Term Relationship

When we meet someone special, we often give a way to emotions. Outer beauty can turn your brain, you loose your head and forget about everything. Ukrainian lady with wonderful long hair, long-legged babe, gorgeous blue-eyed beauty can conquer your heart in no time at all, from the first sight.

But how not to loose your mind? How to choose between all of these unique Ukrainian beautiful ladies your only one who will become your best life-partner and devoted wife? How to make a right choice? How not to make a mistake at the phase of your correspondence? » Read more..