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Marriage and Friendship

It is often said that there is no friendship possible between a man and a woman. Yet, there are lots of proofs that families based on friendship or where this feeling is just present are much more firm than those built only on pure love. No matter how sad this sounds, but love reduces sooner or later and there is only habit left which may even lead to separation, while friendship is really hard to be destroyed, as it is based on similarities between you, understanding and common sides of characters. It’s like love with mind rather than with heart. And presence of friendship in your relationship will surely make it only better. » Read more..

Stop All Quarrels at Once

People tend to have quarrels and misunderstanding every day. It is even said that if a couple doesn’t brawl, there is probably no love between them (though I personally don’t thinks so, as a quarrel is just a sign that you have different points of view on an issue or you are just too irritated). So, the best way to cope with a quarrel is to avoid it and to stay calm so that the storm calms down itself. Unfortunately, sometimes this doesn’t work, and shouting still burst out, the way of behaving should be quite another.

Quarrel of course starts because of anger which one of partners feels. So, you just need to allow your significant one let the steam out. Yes, you will have to keep yourself in hands, but if you don’t want to continue arguing for too long, just wait until the silence comes back itself. » Read more..

Ways to Improve Long-Distance Relationship

It is widely thought that it is always difficult to have long-distance relationship. The only thing you want every day is to be side by side with your beloved but the circumstances, seems, are against both of you. Yes,  long distance is never easy.

You live in different countries or even at different continents and there is no way to change something in a couple of days. Nevertheless there are a few ways to improve your relationship with no reference to how far you are. » Read more..

Real Love Is not Like in Movies

It is often said that some couples are in love like in real movies. This means that their relations are really strong, they love and appreciate each other, and everything looks more like a fairy tale rather than reality. On the other hand, is love from movies at least somehow resembles those whirlpools of feelings and events which we experience in real life? Unfortunately, it almost doesn’t. » Read more..

Healthy Relations – Is This That Hard?

Sometimes it happens so that people are not willing to start long-term and serious relations preferring something short or for a couple of weeks, like, a holiday romance. Of course, such relationships mean almost no responsibilities and is always so bright and memorable. Unfortunately, no one can be young forever and spend life having short connections. Sooner or later everyone wants to build a strong family which will become the great support till the rest of their life. And yo shouldn’t think that this is so hard – to become common to an unknown person and to live the whole life together. There are several typical and standard ways to make your relations smooth and pleasant everyday, even if something bad happens in your life. » Read more..

Top Must-do’s of International Women’s Day

Hello again! International Women’s Day – March, 8th – is just around the corner, and it’s time to get ready for it! This is especially appropriate for the male population of the world. In fact, ladies all around the world celebrate International Women’s Day on this date. But this holiday is most popular among the ladies of Russia, Ukraine and the former Soviet countries as well. It is considered to be a public holiday in these countries, including Belarus, Moldova and Kazakhstan. Men abroad often wonder what a common sense has this date. » Read more..

Why Online Dating Is Better than the Real One

Nowadays, Internet has obtained an important part of everyone’s life. There is more work, more information and entertainment there rather than in real life. As a result, people prefer spend more time in the web, so they have to move their communication there too. Finally, someone ‘invented’ online dates, relations and everything else one could have in common life. Yet, conservative people tend to be sure that relationships which started online have no future. » Read more..

What Men’s Traits Attract Slavic Women?

Ukrainian women are very emotional, they often follow their instincts. Thanks to that these beauties accurately recognize such men’s traits as inner integrity, genuine personality, ability to protect her life and their family. But what kind of man they value most of all? Who are Ukrainian women looking for at dating sites like Step2Love?

Well, there are some men’s traits that Ukrainian women value most of all. » Read more..

Several Ways to Improve Your Relationship

Every couple from time to time faces some difficulties. Some of them understand this is normal situation and try to patch it up and find a way to improve their relations. But many other couples facing some troubles take a decision to leave each other. In fact there are several things that can help you with your Ukrainian lady to work on your relations and improve them. » Read more..

Don’t Feel Bored or Lonely when Your Lady is Far-Far Away

Online dating with Step2Love is great for lonely hearts who wish not only to find love of all their life, but also to have a beautiful and housewifely Slavic lady by his side who is ready to support her husband in any situation, both in happiness and grief. Unfortunately, it takes some time before you finally manage to hug tightly your beloved person, and until that moment loneliness may torture you severely. » Read more..