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Happy St. Nicholas Day!

Hello everyone! Today is 19th of December, and it is St. Nicholas Dai that is considered to be one of the most popular holidays in Ukraine. Most of the countries of East Central and East Europe commemorate this holiday, but the date differ. According to Western calendar, St. Nicholas Day is celebrated on December 6th, while in accordance to Eastern Orthodox calendar this holiday is marked on December 19th. Ukraine is among the countries whose traditions are mainly rendered by the Orthodox calendar, so that is why because today the official Christmas season is believed to start. » Read more..

Christmas Cuisine in Ukraine

Hi everyone! Christmas in Ukraine, as you know already, has its own noticeable differences, beginning with the date of celebration, and ending with the whole holiday concept. The main idea continues to be the same, but Ukrainian Christmas has its own distinguishing features because of its Orthodox origin. But there’s no denying that Christmas traditions in Ukraine are deeply rooted in pre-Christian, pagan religion as well, so that is why Ukrainian Christmas customs are absolutely unique. » Read more..

Christmas Traditions in Ukraine: Date Difference

Hi, everybody! Greetings from Ukraine! Christmas is coming and it might be advisable to consider the Ukrainian traditions and customs about this holiday. And that is plenty to talk about. The Ukrainian Christmas traditions considerably differ from the Western ones.  Christmas Day is celebrated on December 25 in accordance with the Roman Catholic tradition (according to Gregorian calendar) in the Western Europe and the USA practice. » Read more..

Lviv: Christmas Countdown

Hello everyone! Christmas coming nearer and nearer, and people’s only concern now is holiday’s shopping. Santa’s lists are ready yet, so you are going to think about buying Christmas gifts and surprises. If it involves visiting Ukraine as well, you would have a brilliant opportunity to solve the Christmas gifts’ problem. Today a new week starts and today the City of Lviv officially opens Christmas season-2013. So you are welcome! » Read more..

National Poinsettia Day

Hello everyone! The Christmas is just around the corner, and today the point in hand will be mainly about one of the most traditional Christmas symbols. It’s all about Christmas flower that can be white, pink and red color. This plant has different names – “Cuitlaxochitl” (it means “flower that grows in soil” in the language of the Aztecs), “Flor de Pascua” (it means “Easter Flower” in Spanish) or “La Flor de la Noche Buena” (it means “Flower of the Holy Night” in Guatemala and Mexico). This plant is called “Atatürk’s Flower” in Turkey because the founder of the Turkey Republic was fond of this flower and tried to cultivate it everywhere. Of course, it comes about Poinsettia flowers. » Read more..

National Tango Day

Tango is about feeling and sensitivity, otherwise you are just doing gymnastics. You can do all the steps but it has to have the feeling and sensitivity of authentic tango.

Miguel Zotto

Step. Step. Back step. Beginning of the salida. Salida – crossed or simple. Step. Cross. Walk. Open step, to right. Cadence. Rotation. Did you find out this passionate dance, the dance of tango? It is a fascinating and sensual, magical and breathtaking. » Read more..

Christmas Card Day

Hello! Christmas is right around the corner and it’s time to get ready, so what about sending cards? Are you going to greet your friends and family members with Christmas? Now might be a good time for it. It’s about two weeks before Christmas Day, and it’s the right time for one of the most touching and ancient Christmas tradition – it refers to Christmas cards, of course. Handwritten or e-mailed, Christmas card can serve not only to wish seasonal blessings to everybody whom you are close to, but rather to express your marks of respect and attention. Today is the 9th of December and today Christmas Card Day is celebrated – so, start creating your Christmas cards just now! » Read more..

National Sacher Torte Day

Hello everyone and a question for you at first! Have you ever heard about Sacher Torte? Have you ever dreamt trying this chocolate delight? So here it comes! Sweet Sacher Torte, a legendary cake of almost aristocratic origin, celebrates its day. The 5th of December is the true holiday for people with a sweet tooth. A thin coating of delicious chocolate that melts in your mouth, two dark-chocolate cakes layered with a tempting apricot jam – that’s all Sacher Torte, that served with some unsweetened whipped cream on the snow-white dessert plate. It seems that you are in a paradise of gourmet. » Read more..

International Hug Day

Hello everyone and here it comes! Free kisses and warm hugs for all and every! Today is International Hug Day, and it’s a perfect chance to enjoy hugging and to hug your sweetheart. Would like to get some extra hugs? It would be amazing! Hugs for all good people, hugs to your family and friends, hugs to familiar and yet unfamiliar persons – no restrictions for hugs today! You are welcome hugging! » Read more..

Make A Gift Day

Hello everyone! December starts, and isn’t much time before Christmas to think about making gifts. Do you like making presents to your friends or family? What kinds of gifts do you prefer to give? Some jewelries, perfumes, gift certificates or eatable things like a box of chocolates or coffee pack? And what about kinds of gifts to get? Electronics things, useful devices, expensive watches, good books or pictures? Do you prefer store-bought presents or spend some time for finding handmade gifts? Today is the 3rd of December, and it’s Make A Gift Day – precisely the right time to think about Christmas gifts! » Read more..