Psychology of the Ukrainian Women. What Women Want? (Part 2)

In the first part of this article we were talking about one of the woman’s needs, closeness. Today we want to continue this research that units psychology and mentality of Slavic ladies. What are the other two important needs in woman’s life? What does she want the most? How can you treat her right and get the most strong and healthy relations with your beloved?


Woman, like you, wants to feel herself valuable and necessary. It is important for her to understand that every meal she cooked for you is received with grateful, that you appreciate every clean shirt in your closet. That you notice her beauty.

Your Ukrainian woman adores the compliments. Insanely. After all, with the help of them she feels that you love her. That you are grateful to her and close. At the same time, it is very important for your beloved lady that your compliments should be diverse, aimed at her qualities and be sincere.

For example, it’s not very pleasant if the husband says that breakfast is gorgeous. After all, yes, the meal is delicious but where is the wife in this compliment? And she can even take offense a bit: the breakfast did not cook itself. But if the husband says that his woman is the best chef in the world, then she can melt!

Yes, your woman is able to melt away from your one word. It’s strange and silly, but that’s all women are.


Your loving woman is insanely vulnerable and sensitive. Even if outwardly she builds thick walls and shells, there always lives a small fragile girl inside of her. And your girl really wants to be cared for.

Sometimes she seems to be like an armored tank from the outside, and you think that your care is useless. But without it, she loses her femininity and beauty. More than anything in the world, your Ukrainian lady dreams of being cared for.

It seems to her that it is not so difficult to give a hand when she is getting off the bus, hold the door, help with heavy bags, meet late at night from work, listen to her in difficult moments … Perhaps, for you it is really difficult, especially the last one. But she like it. She is ready to inspire and worship you for such care.

Even more, your woman wants to stop working from dawn to dusk and start creating something at home. Create a harmony, love, special atmosphere. She wants to be close to the children, prepare you breathtaking dinners, buy new curtains for home. This is her nature, she wants to create and be a woman.

For a man who will allow her to create and not work, she is ready to give everything! This is woman’s nature: to give.

And perhaps it seems to you that not every woman wants this. But look closely into her eyes and deep inside you will see this little girl who likes to create the world around her.

(to be continued)